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Faith,Trust & Hope..

Author: ; Published On: ಬುಧವಾರ, ದಶಂಬರ 23rd, 2009;

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1.  Once all villagers decided to pray for rain.

On the day of prayer, all people gathered and only one boy came with an umbrella. – That’s faith.

2. Example of the feeling of a one year old baby :

when you throw him in the air, he laughs because he knows you will catch him – That’s trust.

3.  Every night we go to bed, we have no assurance to wake up alive the next morning.

But still we have plans for tomorrow – That’s hope.

(Source : Sri’s Collection)

5 Responses to Faith,Trust & Hope..

  1. seetharama bhat

    We have faith,trust and hope with you only gurudeva.


  2. vdaithota

    Faith brings trust and hope inserts automatically right??!!!!
    Yes, we have faith on you Gurudeva…:)


  3. Raghavendra Narayana

    I am just wondering about the equavalent Kannada words for Faith, Trust, Hope. Any idea???


  4. Sharada Krishna

    maguvigidda aa dhruda vishwasa,nambike, bharavase ,nimma lli namage achalavaagide bhagavanta.


  5. JaiGanesh

    Faith – Shraddha
    Hope – Ashwasti
    Trust – Vishwaas
    ki TIKDI (trio) Bhagwaan ka anmol upahaar hai Manav jaati ko

    Jinke paas ye teenon hain
    ve dhanya-dhanya hain…

    Pranaam !

    Jai Ganesh !


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