A saying from DasaVani, when translated means as follows:

“Pour the lake water back to the lake, feel blessed…”

Arghya is a great concept: water is as little as fist-full; bounties are as big as ocean!

Take a fist full of water from the lake, remember God and offer it back to the lake with the feeling ‘this is for you’ – that is ‘arghya’ which gives bounties in infinite quantities.

In the same way, if we collect ten drops of our blood running in our veins as life-fluid, which is the result of cow’s milk which we have consumed and if we write letters out of it to demand the rulers to ban cow-slaughter, it will result in ‘arghya’ of Abhayakshara or ProtectWithPen to mother cow. It may be more apt to call it ‘invaluable’ than just ’arghya’; because you can’t ascertain the value of blood! You can’t value the lives of cows which you save with letters written in blood too!


Save invaluable by offering invaluable; that is Abhayakshara Petition written in own blood!


We said you can’t value blood; because that is life-fluid. You can’t value life!

Blood is Godly fluid; because it is God-made. Man cannot recreate blood! No factory in the world, or no machine can produce blood! Blood can be produced only in the God-made machine with vitality of life called ‘body’! Furthermore, flow of blood can be seen only where there is life force; flow of blood is the sign of life!

Writing Abhayakshara petition in own blood is nothing but a grand worship of mother cow who is the abode of all gods!

Not only blood, you can’t value milk either; because it is not only fluid of life but it is also fluid of emotion! It is nectar flowing from one emotionally influenced being to another – from mother to calf, mother of the universe to men of the world. You cannot value life or the vitality of life; in the same way, you cannot value the flow of affection in the form of milk!

Don’t we have to repay the invaluable debt (milk) we owe through something invaluable (blood)?

Milk too is Godly fluid; because true milk cannot be produced artificially! It is a fluid of compassion created by God in the capital of motherhood called cow! It is found and it flows only in the presence of emotions! If milk flows freely, it means there is feeling behind it!

It is offering of life-fluid to end the continuous cruelty on the mother who provided the fluid of compassion to us; it is Abhayakshara petition written in own blood, to ProtectWithPen!

#Abhayakshara is a petition inscribed in one’s own blood to banish the brutal bloodshed of the mother who has blessed our lives with a flood of her milk.


Abhayakshara is the inscription in the hearts of Bharatiyas! It is the expression of unending urge of Bharatiya people to end the agony of cow! Cow is the vitality of Bharat; voice of Bharat! Cow slaughter is an attack on the vitality and voice of Bharat!


Practice of cow slaughter, unknown in ancient Bharat was introduced in our country by western invaders of external cultures. Everything which caused pain to the Bharatiyas and the soul of Bharat was their policy of administration. Both culture and comforts of Bharat depended on cow; invaders who sought to kill two birds with one stone wanted to destroy the soul and zeal of Bharat through cow slaughter!


Adding insult to injury, cow-slaughter which was started by enemy rulers continues under self-rule! It is extremely painful to think and to write that cow-slaughter takes place in much bigger proportions under self-rule as compared to rule by aggressors!


If we accumulate all the blood of slaughtered cows here, it will form the fourth ocean of Bharat! If we pile up the beef that was eaten by foreigners and the beef which our countrymen are made to eat, it will form a second Himalaya mountain! Numerology would faint if we start of count of innocent cows which became prey to the cruelty of slaughterers!


Tolerance to what extent?? Is there no end to this chapter of macabre massacre? If this tragedy is not brought to a halt, the nation will perish! Whole globe will become venomous!

#Abhayakshara was heralded to halt the heinous hostility of cow slaughter from our land! The modus operandi is to use the people’s power available in democracy to provide a security ring to cows.

If #Abhayakshara is a major weapon in cow protection, Abhayakshara written in blood is the ultimate weapon! Rulers cannot reject legitimate petition of any single citizen; things being so, let’s see how they reject countless petitions written and signed by crores of people in their own blood.

Cow’s blood spilled on earth by selfish people is equal to an ocean; blood submitted by selfless civilians for Abhayakshrara petitions written in their own blood is just a few drops!

Suffering of cow in the cruel hands of cow-slaughterers equals a thousand hells; when blood is collected from our bodies through syringes for Abhayakshara, the pinch we undergo is equal to an ant’s bite!

Aren’t crooks superior to those cowards who cannot do this much!?

Come, let’s make one significant deed that will make our arrival on earth meaningful; without shedding anyone’s blood, without killing any one, lets save cows by offering our own blood.

Let us preserve those sacred embodiments of innocence and motherhood as a present to the future!




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