SriSriRaghaveshwaraBharathi Mahaswamiji is explaining the series of blunders being committed to convert the pot of nectar called milk in to a pit of tar through #LokaLekha column. First of the series can be viewed in last week’s blog.

Is poison being administered to a billion countrymen in the name of milk? – Part 1


Everyone is aware that cow-slaughter is rampant in our country; but how many are aware that even milk is slaughtered!?

Definitely yes! What we drink every day is the dead body of milk; poison in the garb of milk!….. Read more>>


Description of the series of mistakes continues in this second part.


Is poison being administered to a billion Indians in the name of milk? – Part 2:


From the previous part we had started to explain how man, after converting cow- the affectionate mother- in to a bundle of meat, has proceeded to convert her affection in liquid form called milk into poison.

Before a catastrophe can happen, there should be a blunder. Man has plundered milk with a series of blunders to convert what was supposed to be source of health and longevity into a source of death and infirmity! We have glanced at few of them in the last part; let us see few more in this part.


#Blunder~6: Repeatedly administering antibiotic and antipyretic and other poisonous medicines to cow and consuming or selling the poisonous milk of such period.

Effect: The poisonous medicines get direct entry into our bodies through milk. This is the problem with hybrid cows which already have a very low power of immunity. Repeated intervention of man and artificial food-life has only aggravated the problem. Bringing them to Bharat was a major foolishness of science! They belong to cold climates and they cannot live in the atmosphere our country where temperature is higher without facing suffocation and illness! We can notice they struggle for air and breath through their mouths even with a minor increase in temperature. Owing to the same reason, those breeds become victims of various diseases here; even a small illness will require antibiotic or antipyretic drugs and instances are rare when medication is not resorted to!

Milk obtained during and within three days after medication should not be used as the effects of medicine exist in cow’s body.

When cow is under medication we are not supposed to use her milk. That is not all; milk and other products should not be used even up to three days after the medication is stopped. This information is printed on the very containers of medicines. But who follows instructions!? Who discards the milk collected when the antibiotics are being administered to cows instead of selling it to dairy!?

The poison which we loan to hybrid cows is returned to us in the form of milk; this daily diet of poison for people of Bharat is for the result of sin of demeaning and destroying our indigenous cow breeds!


As the indigenous breeds of cows naturally have more power of immunity, they don’t need to be administered with poisonous medicines. There is no question of their milk being contaminated with poison. In addition to this, consumption of milk from indigenous breeds increases the immunity without doubt.


It is time to raise our voice against a procedure which is being flaunted as very noble by governments, bureaucrats and scientists; which is accepted as very beneficial by the civilized society. Yes, we are talking about the unpardonable sin being perpetrated on milk by man – pasteurization.


#Blunder~7: Pasteurization


It is a process of mass murder by which milk is treated with extreme heat and then cooled down to extreme cold immediately!


Effect: Every good in milk is destroyed completely by this, even though the milk appears to be good, it is internally spoiled, only things that remain are some harmful micro organisms; there are no antidotes to banish them!


Diseases they can cause: Allergy, indigestion – especially lactose intolerance, stomach ache in children, osteoporosis (where the bones become weak), arthritis, cardiac diseases.


When we said “after slaughtering cows man killed the milk!” we had the same pasteurization in mind!


Process of heating milk to a temperature where life cannot sustain and then cooling it to a temperature where life cannot survive is called ‘pasteurization’. After this process nothing apart from millions of dead bodies can remain in milk!


Ironically, pasteurization is a process of mass massacre of innumerable useful micro organisms along with few harmful micro organisms! What get destroyed in the bargain are many useful proteins, hormones, B6, B12 and C vitamins and many enzymes! Out of them is lactose, an enzyme which helps in digestion of milk. After destroying lactose there is no chance of milk being digested in the body! Any food that is not digested turns out the be poison and remains in the body! This is the effect of pasteurization!

If there are some terrorists hiding in Delhi, can we smash Delhi with an atom bomb? If your answer is “yes”, then only we can subject milk to pasteurization!

Forget it, if you ask whether all the harmful micro organisms get destroyed in the process, answer is “No”! Harmful organisms like Corralling desperados, Bacillus, Paenibacillus survive the ordeal and grow fearlessly as all organisms responsible for immunization are destroyed from the milk!

Great feat of pasteurization is killing a pot of virtues with a view to kill a handful of vices; and vices remain in the milk after all this!

To put it differently, it is the process of chopping the head off with a view to ward off a fly on the face!


An excuse put forth by dairy industry for pasteurizing milk lack of hygiene in cow sheds. Cow dung and urine might mix with milk and cow dung and urine might contain viruses. Pasteurization is required to destroy them.

It is true that cow dung and urine from hybrid cows, in addition their milk too has properties which induce illness is brazen truth! But story is different when it comes to home breeds; their cow dung and urine are vital medicines. Properties which cure illness and magic of improving good health are evident in their cow dung, urine and milk! There is no need for pasteurizing them!

Ayurveda, which is accepted by the world today advocates drinking of cow’s milk with its natural temperature. The milk with its natural temperature at the time of milking is known as धारोष्ण. Leave alone pasteurizing, there is no question of even heating the milk here! Here let’s recall kid Krishna who used to drink milk directly from cow’s udder. Not just God, for the last thousands of years even common people in our country have been using un-boiled milk for panchamrit and panchagavya. There is no instance where it has inflicted ill-health, instead it has increased health! Then why do we need this horrible system now?

If at all it is required, it is required only in hybrid cows; there too is a dilemma! Not doing pasteurization causes complications, doing it causes calamity!

Along with hybrid cows this is another contribution of the west to Bharat!


(Perils of Pasteurization @Prastuti)

#Blunder~8: Homogenization – Making the milk pass through filters under extreme pressure to break the fat globules so that the size reduces by a tenth and thereby preventing them to theform the creamy layer at the top.


Effect: Fat surpasses digestion process and assimilates in the  blood. This makes the blood vessels narrower, causes plaque and possibly results in heart attack or such other diseases.

It is natural for milk to form the creamy layer at the top of the vessel when it is left as it is or heated; purpose of homogenization is to prevent the formation of this creamy layer.  Heating the milk under extreme pressure, breaking the fat cells to spread them evenly in milk make the milk look thick; taste increases; shelf life too increases. This increases the value of milk and earns more revenue – this is the hidden agenda!  It is a pity that the mad rush to make moola mars the health and longevity of those who consume it!!

Hazards of Homogenization: Fat cells which are broken into minute sizes under this process reach the blood without being digested. They thicken not only the milk, but the blood too! Owing to blockage of blood, they result in health hazards from hypertension to heart attack!! Undigested fat which has mixed with the blood systematically get accumulated in arteries in limbs, kidney and brain and result in cardiac arrest, arthritis, kidney related diseases and fatal stroke of the brain.


Killing of proteins which aid in digestion is another hazard from homogenization! If milk is left as it is without this process, it reaches the blood in a manner which is beneficial to human body. Such milk gives only nutrition and not nagging diseases.


(Homogenization – @Prastuti)

To sum up, if pasteurization kills milk, homogenization converts it into a devil which causes illness and death!

Mind refuses to accept something as science if it converts such a noble substance into such an abominable nonsense!

It is ultimately a self defeating sin!

Indiscretion of impairing an invaluable inheritance from nature!

Abuse of the autonomy and ability awarded by almighty by violating his constitution to eradicate his beautiful, befitting supreme creation is savagery! Audacity!

Following words, which are the ideas from a poem (Kagga) of Sri D V G is to praise those great scientists who created a situation where drinking milk causes death:

“There were intelligent people here even in olden days, who wished well for the people and worked hard for them! Too much medication can lead to new diseases and limited use of it can rejuvenate!”

Superior things and superior people are to be seen with superior vision and superior processes to yield superior results. If not, they give strenuous results!


A question to mischief makers to milk:


Who is the loser if the nectar of earth, milk is made to fall from its grace!? Musings on milk are not over yet; how can the writings be over when wickedness is remains? How can we desist from writing when the writing on the wall is clear for our countrymen?


More on the merciless attach on milk in the coming weeks… in the article to be continued…




(To be continued…)


Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji.

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