Bharat has been witness for centuries to the demolition of idols amidst the cry of ‘Alla Ho Akbar’; but demolition of a statue amidst the cry of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ is very new to it. Arguably this never before event took place in Tripura the other day; the chance to get  demolished was of a statue of Lenin, the first of leftist dictators!! It is an irony of history that the statue of the great icon of leftist ideology was broken on the day after the dictator-like leftist rule of 25 years was broken!

Life of common man was not disturbed by the least due to the demolition of a Lenin statue, because many people didn’t even know who Lenin is! Where is the relevance of Lenin in the daily life of common man? But it has created untold nervousness in the leftists of our land; as a result, the voice of those donning the color of blood is heard all over the nation!

Not only the communists, let us too ask the question, “why was the statue of Lenin demolished?”; but before asking that question, the question that has to be asked is, “why was a statue of Lenin installed here in the first place?”




  • Lenin is not a founder of Bharat; he was not someone who protected our country at the time of difficulty; he was not part of our freedom struggle; he was not a beacon for the life of the poor and the suppressed. So, from the national perspective his relevance is not more than zero; because his contribution to this nation is not more than zero!
  • In the perspective of numbers there are two prominent divisions in Bharat: Hindus who worship idols and Muslims who demolish idols.

-> Though Hindus worship idols, they install and worship idols of Gods or forms of God as descended to earth in human       forms; definitely not the idols of those who are against God and spirituality! It is inconceivable to believe the installation of Lenin statue within the boundaries of Hinduism.

-> Muslims are against the very idea of installing idols; how can they accept the installation of statue of a human when they destroy the idols of even Gods to claim ‘Religion is achieved!’

-> Statue of Lenin is not acceptable to any religion or sect practiced in Bharat including the above two religions; because ‘communism’ professed by Lenin rejects religious beliefs and practices.


  • Communists, a small proportion of world’s population are the only people left out; though they accept Lenin they can’t accept his statue! Because installation of statues is against the basic tenets of communism! When everyone is equal why statues only for Lenin and Stalin!? Is it fair for the people to create ‘Classless Society’ to become a Privileged Class themselves!?


Leftists can attack living humans, others should not even attack statues – Is it equality!?


Agreed, it is not good to attack idols of anyone, be it communist leaders or others – but it is not as bad as attacking living humans! Is there any account of the number of people killed in the heinous genocide perpetrated by leftist leaders in the name of communism!?


  • According to their own records around 15 million innocent land owners were brutally murdered during the regime of Communist Dictator Mao Tse Tung in China! It didn’t end there, merciless torture and cold-blooded massacre of those who don’t subscribe to communist leadership continues even today; how can the world stop mourning the mass massacre of students at Tiananmen Square!
  • The physical-mental-cultural atrocities committed by the communists from China on the Buddhists of Tibet can be justified only in the land of devils!
  • Mass massacre masterminded by Stalin, the successor of Lenin has baffled and exceeded all estimations of historians and experts! Opinion of historians on number of deaths caused by that dirty demon of our times varies from 15 million to 50 million! But there is no dispute that the savage spree of slaying by Stalin in the name of communism has accounted for at least 15 million lives!
  • Blood stains of innocent lives have blotted the pages of Lenin’s history too!


-> In 1918, when Lenin was ruling, the royal family of Russia was stealthily brought to the basement and shot mercilessly! Apart from the King, those who were killed included his two wives and five innocent children. The statue of Lenin which was uprooted the other day was lifeless; but weren’t those women and children, whom Lenin got killed, living beings with flesh and blood!? Didn’t they feel the pain and suffering like any!?

-> Even under Lenin’s reign people were killed in large numbers for not accepting his ideology!

-> Between 1918 and 1922 the number of people who died on account of artificial famine created by the ill-conceived policies of Lenin’s rule was in excess of 6 to 8 million!


  • Those who sympathize for the fallen idol would do well to remember those who lost their lives without any reason!
  • Is the genocide being perpetrated by the clones of leftists in the name of Naxalism negligible!?
  • Roads of Kerala in our own country have been drenched with the blood of rightists spilled by the leftists!
  • In Tripura, where there is a big hue and cry on the felling of Lenin statue– just for vowing to desert CPI(M) – an woman’s modesty was outraged in public!
  • Heinous act of cleansing (!) by urinating in the mouth of a youth – just for displaying the words “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” in his bike and for shouting this slogan – took place in the same Tripura!

In the face of the attacks being unleashed by the leftists on the lives and livelihood of people, what is the big deal about destroying a lifeless and listless statue!?

“Kill those who don’t accept leftist ideology!” – What jungle rule is this!?

A word from theists to leftist atheists: You repent so much for the razing of one idol! Remember, our countrymen have witnessed razing of millions of sacred idols for no reason by the atrocities of alien invaders! What would be the anguish they must be suffering!? Have you ever thought about this? Have you had a single heart-beat which sympathized with those skilled laborers who created them? Have you ever shed at least one or two tears?


“Even these days we are with those who demolished RamMandir in olden days!” – How can the country put up with people who claim this!?


Oh people who have strayed from the right path to the left! You have been repeatedly smashing and destroying the idols of Gods within the temples of our bosoms with the hammers of your foul words all these years! Through these voices of opposition heard around the world, destiny directing you to revert to the right path. Hear with all your might. There is inherent good in moving from the path of blood to the path of God. We have no issues if you disagree; we are happy with our contentedness; you are free to continue with your confusions! Don’t try to snatch our happiness by injecting your confusions in to our conscience; society of gentlemen will ever be grateful to you for the favor of non-intrusion!





Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji


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