Churning has to go on till ambrosia comes out; that ambrosia will be the result of churning is a foregone conclusion!


Though the gracious soul who can grant the boon of an offspring to Dasharatha was in front of his eyes… though the person who could convince the sage for such an act was his intimate friend…  time to ask what he had to ask but was unable to ask had arrived for the King of Ayodhya. Situation before him was such that he had no option to stay, but bid good-bye to King of Anga and head home to Ayodhya.


Contemplations ended at last, consultations began;  leaving everything to God (whether we leave it or not; it is always his responsibility!) Dasharatha posed the question to Romapada! “Can your daughter accompany her Lord to my land? There is a great deed waiting to be performed by them!”


Just as a farmer who anxiously anticipates sprouting of the seeds he has sown, after the clouds formed following prolonged drought, Dasharatha waited for the response from Romapada..


Instead of just a response the promise from Romapada was music to Dasharatha’s ears! Yes, before Dasharatha could complete the sentence, Romapada’s reply, “I shall send my daughter and son-in-law to Ayodhya” had arrived! That was not all; he had already placed the agenda before Rushyashrunga, who inspite of being Guru to the whole world was also his son-in-law. The words of blessing “Tathastu” (“So be it”) coming from the mouth of Rushyashrunga had resulted in arresting the hordes of words that were forming inside Dasharatha! Feeling of joy within Dasharatha erupted!


Dasharatha stood dumbfounded imbibing the inexhaustible happiness, or in the exhaustion of his long lasted longing!


He could almost hear the whispering words of God in his ears, “Delay is all in yours in asking, there is no delay in my blessing!” –future father of the Lord of the World surmised the taunting smile of God at him!


Many of us have experienced situations where we end up not asking, for silly reasons or excuses, for something which can be at our disposal just by asking. Those who desire relief should be decisive; one who stands at the banks doesn’t sink; only the one who doesn’t belong to either of the banks sinks; or someone who keeps shifting sides! One way is to exert honestly to find the right path; another is to decisively dare to do what our mind suggests as right; when these two – which are like doors to the castle of assent – are present, the third ingredient called ‘God’s Grace’ is certain to be granted!


Without actually knowing it, Dasharatha had taken a big stride in becoming father to the Father of the World! The great sage had accepted to facilitate bringing the Father of all fathers as his son. In the excitement of having arranged execution of the mission of his arrival, King of Kosala prepared for return journey in anticipation of the arrival of assured bounty.




Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji

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