Barring the sorrow of childlessness there is no one as blessed as Dasharatha on other things! The race in which he was born was the Race of Light, The Sun Dynasty; his country was beaming with pearls and persons who were like pearls; his capital Ayodhya was a crown of the world; his life-companion was the crown of all women on earth – Kausalya; his minister was Sumantra, the genius and gem of a person; crown of all these was Bhagavan Vasishta, his traditional Guru, who was the King among all Gurus!


Bhagavan Vasishta, who could easily attain the Kingship of all three worlds just with the power of his penance, did not need the profession of a purohit, nor did he wish for it; but, he accepted the position of KulaGuru of Sun Dynasty to be blessed with the chance to serve the Lord of the World from his presence and proximity when he would take birth there! Luxury of a Guru like Vasishta was a present from Rama even before his birth to Dasharatha!


When grace of Guru is there, what is the need for anything else? When grace of Guru is not there, what is the use of anything else? Scarcity can become a source, absence can become presence, unavailable things can become available, unattainable can be attained, a log of wood can bloom, lifeless can spring to life, mortal remains becoming immortally divine is the magic of master’s mercy! There is no question of failure for a man who has worn the dust from master’s feet in his mane! Dasharatha was born blessed, without effort he was blessed with a mighty master like Vasishta; he had been granted complete endorsement and complete blessings from the master for the mammoth effort he had embarked on!


Combination of the three converts into great results: an inspiration, an instruction and a sanction; a merger of these three had materialized in that marvelous moment. The moment when Dasharatha set foot to fetch Rushyashrunga was an immortal moment, a mixture of all three.


  • First, the big inspiration within Dasharatha to perform AshvaMedha Mahayaga for offspring.
  • Second, it is true Ashwamedha has to be performed for getting offspring; but that has to be performed through Rushyashrunga – this instruction came to Dasharatha from Sanatkumara through Sumantra.
  • Third, sanction from MahaGuru to perform Ashvamedha and to bring Rushyashrunga for the purpose.


Dasharatha embarked on his chariot feeling blessed with the endorsement from the invisible God for his inspiration and sanction from the visible God for the same. Good fortune of Ayodhya had arrived and settled in distant Angarajya!  Dasharatha’s mega-chariot had rushed towards it! Dasharatha’s mind-chariot, which was idle for long, had overtaken his mega-chariot in the journey!


Goddess Earth on the path flew, in the form of dust drawn towards the sky, to thank Dasharatha for setting foot to get God towards her! When the Dasharatha’s chariot was speeding towards Angarajya, the sight of passing creepers and weeds, streams and lakes, hills and pastures looked as though moving in the reverse direction – looked as though they were moving to Ayodhya to prepare for welcoming the Lord who is going to rarely descend on earth!


Somehow the chance to become Angajapita* brought Dasharatha to Angarajya! Angarajya is not new to Dasharatha, nor is King of Anga; but that day he felt some untold nervousness and anxiety!


Anxiety to see the good fortune of the universe, sitting next to Anga King in the form of Ruhyashrunga; nervousness imagining what Romapada will think and how sacred sage will respond to his request, “Let Rushyashrunga come to Ayodhya to perform the sacrifice’! King of Sun Dynasty knew giving whatever was asked for, but he was not used to asking for anything!


Then Goddess Earth had entered Vaikuntha*, the abode of Vasudeva, accompanied by all sacred souls to pray for the arrival of the Lord on earth; without knowing this fact, without knowing that He is going to arrive, now Dasharatha had entered the palace of Romapada  to beg for the same thing.



*Angajapita  = Lord Vishnu (Angaja – Manmatha,Angajapita =  his Lord Vishnu)

* Goddess Earth had entered Vaikuntha* to pray = owing to the sinful acts and torture of Ravana and his demons, the earth starts to get heavier. At that time, Goddess Earth accompanied by deva~yaksha~kinnara~gandharvas comes to Vaikuntha and prays before Vishnu to save her. MahaVishnu promises her of Ramavatara.

After passage of a long time, just like Goddess Earth, Dasharatha is praying for the same ‘Avatara’ – this similarity is highlighted here.

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