Disciples perform Âradhana in honour of the Guru who has
cast off his body and attained liberation. Children perform
the shrâddha or annual feast in honour of the departed parent.
There is an important difference between the two rituals.
Shrâddha is performed for the deliverance of the parent while
Âradhana is performed for the deliverance of the disciples.

Âradhana is performed to a spiritually evolved person who
has attained samsiddhi or spiritual fulfilment. It is performed
to invoke the blessings of such a mahathma. Âradhana is a
celebration which marks the union of the great soul with the
Creator. The liberated soul becomes one with Shreeman

It is the law of nature that things return to their place of
origin. After death, the body which is made of five elements
merges with the elements. Similarly, the soul or chetana has
to merge with the great light or maha chetana. Âradhana
celebrates this union of the Guru with God.

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