Most of us forget why we have come to this world. If a child
who has to go to school wanders around the market place
and forgets both school and home, he is lost. Similarly, if we
forget that the true goal of human life is self realization and
get trapped in the mundane material world, we too are lost.
God, our father, will be unhappy with us. We have to find our
way back home.

Dhyana or meditation is the road which leads us to liberation
and takes us back to our true home. When body and mind
are silenced, dhyana begins. It is a state of perfection and
bliss. Step by step a spiritual aspirant moves towards this goal.

The first condition for dhyana is the strong desire in the aspirant
to follow the path. Many obstacles may come in one’s way.
But a serious aspirant should never give up. If the desire for
self realization grows strong in the seeker, dhyana will happen.

Today, in the modern world, people pay much attention to
externals. Salesmen say that the packaging has to be attractive.
There are yoga and dhyana courses which offer mukthi in ten
days for one thousand rupees. An aspirant has to keep himself
away from such sales gimmicks.

Dhyana is the luminous path to truth shown by rishi munis
and it has stood the test of time and will stay for ever. The
only duty of an aspirant is to clean his mind of impure
thoughts and fill it with a strong thirst for self knowledge.
Then, Sadhguru and dhyana will descend on their own and
show the seeker the right road to salvation.

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