Once a student asked a master sculptor:
“Sir, I want to be a master sculptor like you. I have been
trying to achieve perfection in my work, but I have failed.
Can you tell me the secret of your success?”

“ I take one look at the rock placed in front of me; within
seconds I see the image I have to carve on it. I remove the
portions which do not fit in. If you do this, you will also
become an excellent sculptor”.

A Sadhguru is a master sculptor who carves a good human
being out of the gross material placed before him. He creates
a Madhava out of a manava. He guides the disciples to get
rid of their blemishes.

It is the divine insight or the parâ drishti of the Guru which
enables him to see the divinity in others.

Divinity pervades everything – from a blade of grass to the
creator. Eyes which can see only the body of a living being
are endowed with the sthula dhrishti or gross insight. Eyes
which are more subtle or sukhshma capture the mind. Eyes
which can see the inner divinity or chaithanya of a living
creature have the parâ dhrishti.

Just as an X-ray machine penetrates the external human body
and directly presents the inner view, a Guru’s divine insight
penetrates through the gross human body, moves beyond the
inner subtle mind and reveals the divine light or âthma
chaithanya. This divine insight is the life essence of a Guru.

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