On   March 19th 2010, at  the  small fishing  town of  Maravante ,  Karnataka, this  year’s Jeevana Dhana  program  was  observed  in an austere and auspicious  manner.    Every year,  Jeevana Dhana  day is celebrated on the  day  when Shree Swamiji  renounced the  world  and took the  ascetic  robes   .  on  April 15th , 1994     Shree Swamiji took up deeksha  from the previous pontiff  Brahmykya Sri   Sri  Raghavendra  Bharathi Swamiji.

Sanyasa  sweekara    marks the beginning  of  a new life to an ascetic. It is his birthday. Sri Swamiji celebrates this spiritual birthday in a meanigful manner by  giving  new  life to a suffering  family.Every year on this holy day, Shreemath adopts a family which suffers from destitution  and needs  both financial and moral  support.  This year the  family of  Smt. Koragu Karvi  was  adopted.

Smt. Koragu  belongs to the fishing  community of  the  Karvis. She is  a   widow and a mother of  eight  daughters. Three of them are married and the rest are dependent on her. Life is  a struggle to make both ends meet.

Shree math  adopted her family and promised support  to it. This  Jeevana Dhana or  adoption ceremony  was  done  in a unique manner.  Guruji   carefully removed  a   shawl placed  on a  thorny plant   and   wrapped it  round Koragu karvi.  The Shawl  on the  thorn represents  a  life  full of  suffering and the “abhaya hastha  “of   Shree Guruji lifts  the suffering family from pain and gives  a new life.

Shree Guruji has travelled the path of  sanyasa  for  16 years  and has   stepped on to the  17th year. Speaking  at the program, Shree Swamiji stated  how  each sanyasa  sweekara   anniversary is  like a mile stone  in a highway . It   reminds  his  holiness  of  the  distance he has covered  on the road to   Ramarajya  and the work which needs to be done. His holiness reaffirmed  his resolve to  work and live   for the good of the  society.

Shree swamiji stated that this year’s Jeevana Dhana was  special  because, Shreemath  has resolved to give new life not  just to one family but for the  entire Karvi community . His  holiness appealed to Sri.  Raghavendra, M.P., the  chief guest of the program, for the quick  execution of the outer harbour at  Maravante  which will give  a new life to all fishermen of  Karvi community. Shree Swamiji also  informed the devotees  that  the  survey work on the harbour had already started.

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