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Highlights of 26th october 2009

Author: ; Published On: ಮಂಗಳವಾರ, ಅಕ್ತೂಬರ 27th, 2009;

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Sri Swamiji’s Important events on 26, Oct, 2009:

  • Stay at Residence of Sri Vishwanath Mamani, MLA, Savadati.
  • Over 500 devotees received blessings and Mantrakshate.
  • Distribution of blankets for flood affected.
  • Proposal to distribute free cows to flood affected farmers at Savadati in February.
  • Proposal from Sri Vishwanath Mamani and Sri Rajanna Mamani to hand over 200 cows to the Shri Matha’s goshala.
  • Visit to Savadati Shankara Math
  • Visit to the disciple Subraya Bhandari’s house
  • Guru-shishya meeting at the house of Madangallu Anand Bhat in Pune
  • Camp at Zandu guest house in Mumbai

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