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Boss will b BOSS Forever…!!!!

Author: ; Published On: ಶುಕ್ರವಾರ, ಜೂನ್ 25th, 2010;

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6 Responses to Boss will b BOSS Forever…!!!!

  1. Sharada Jayagovind

    Birds of the same feather…


  2. Raghavendra Narayana

    true. system is like that, definately few good exceptions


  3. Vishwa M S Maruthipura

    This is what the modern world is! We are greedy,selfish hardly finds time for anything good. We buy vehicles even when it is absolutely not required. We have no concern about the Society,Country,Religion. In cities ample of people have no space to park their vehicles but still they need it because it is a question of dignity ?for them. In cities If a person owning a Car lives for 60 years meanse 20 years is wasted in traffic jam itself. The cartonn is really mind blowing.


  4. srinivaas padavagod

    perfect reflection of present system…..


  5. Anuradha Parvathi

    superb… there are many people who do not practice before preaching.


  6. Suvarnini Konale

    ohh!! i too have experienced these kind of things !!


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