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MIRACLE IN KUMBAKONAM,SOUTH INDIA – Cobra doing Archana for Siva Lingam

Author: ; Published On: ಸೋಮವಾರ, ಮಾರ್ಚ 1st, 2010;

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MIRACLE IN KUMBAKONAM,SOUTH INDIA – Cobra doing Archana for Siva Lingam..

News in Dinakaran – Dated: January 16, 2010 The Priest explained “It is doing the archana during

the Solar Eclipse time to wash off its sins”.

Kumbakonam: At the Siva Temple in Thepperumanallur, large numbers of devotees witnessed a miracle of a Cobra doing Archana for Siva Lingam with Vilvam leaves.

In Thanjavoor district of Tamil Nadu, near Thirunageswaram, there is a Siva Temple at Thepperumanallur. Here Vedhanthanayagi [Sakthi] with Viswanathaswamy [Siva] are the main Deities. In this Temple, it has been customary to do archana with Rudhraksha only.Yesterday morning, just before Solar Eclipse, at about 10:30 AM Sivachariar Satish, priest of the Temple,
noticed a Cobra lying on top of the Siva Linga.

The snake slowly descended from there and went towards the Vilvam tree which is the Sthala Viruksham- Holy tree of the temple. It climbed the tree and picked a Vilvam leaf and came back and entered the Sannadhi. It hissed at any devotee trying to get near it. It climbed onto the Siva Linga and opened it hood
and dropped the Vilvam Leaf.

This miracle was witnessed by all devotees who were excited. Then the Cobra went again and again to do the same repeated two or three times.

As the news spread all over the village, hundreds of villagers rushed to the Temple to have the Dharshan
of this event of Cobra with Siva.

[ Note: Vilvam leaf (Bilva Leaf) is holy and special for Siva Pooja]

Source :- Sri’s Collection..

7 Responses to MIRACLE IN KUMBAKONAM,SOUTH INDIA – Cobra doing Archana for Siva Lingam

  1. Raghavendra Narayana

    The concept of Shiva attracts everyone and everything.. animals and birds leads more meaningful life..


  2. K. Subrahmanya Bhat



  3. Ramesh Bhat

    Very religious and special seen


  4. dentistmaava

    yava huthadolage yava havoo?
    edu enu mayeyo ?
    shivane balla.


  5. sunil patil

    And they say Hinduism is all farce !!! It is really touching and brings us back to the scriptures where we heard all these stories of snake Gods, snakes worshipping Gods, etc.., but somewhere in a corner there was a disbelief or taken for granted attitude. This is the real testament of our Sanatana Dharma. Om Naham Shivaya !!!


  6. Shiva

    Om.namha shivaya


  7. bijoylakshmi das

    snake is subtly connected with yoga at the highest level.When kundalini is aroused in Yogis of highest realisation transcending physical limitations the sound of ‘om’ is produced within the body and the particular snake will be able to hear comes and attends to the sound till the sound is heard.then it leaves the place on its own.when you do not harbour any ill feeling for any creature of the universe you have no enemy at are one with each and every living and non-living being as well.when musicians are in the highest rapture of soul’s delight they are one with the Almighty and even the deadliest snake forget its cruel nature; it becomes extremely friendly.The yogis of the Narmada Tat and the Himalayas have the ability to live in harmony with wild animals, but it requires complete sense control i.e. control of Indriyas.if you do not have control of Indriyas you can never reach God who is Indriyatita.When Vedic sacred chantings like ‘om’is done it will definitely attract the snake king cobra who loves harmony and inner peace.In fact the evolutioanry process of creation always strives for perfection.the imperfections will always be annihilated in course of time. This is the law of create atmoshphere of harmony, even deadly animals will come to your abode and forget enemity.if you are enemy to nn one there will be no enemy for you.


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