Killing a life is sin; killing cow is a major sin!

Stealing is sin; stealing a cow is a major sin!


Things being so – how painful it will be if cow, which is loved as a mother and worshipped as goddess is stolen.. and killed!? What is the difference between the world and the nether world if killers enter houses during broad daylight and snatch away the cows?


‘विषवृक्षोपि संवर्ध्य स्वयं छेत्तुमसांप्रतं’ – ‘It would be a tough task to chop a poisonous tree after having affectionately nurtured it!’ this is what emotional people have to say; so, how can one stand the shock when the bud of nectar, that has grown under one’s own shelter, becomes prey to the sword of the slaughterers?


Chilling stories of stealth and slaughter of cows are daily events in coastal Karnataka! Sorry stories of ‘cow-chori’ in Dakshina Kannada – Kasaragod districts have come to such a pass that ‘Their cow was stolen yesterday; cow of these was stolen today; tomorrow it will be ours!’ is the order of the day! Wounds caused by the shock-stealth  of a Surabhi-like cow named Sita from the home of Dr. Krishnamoorthy, leader of Kamadugha, our mega movement for cows, are yet to heal! Before that, bad tidings have struck from Kairangala goushala! Another cow is snatched away by slaughterers!

Slaughterers have stepped two steps forward this time; after hooking harmless cows from homes, they have gyrated their way into goushala at Kairangala and succeeded in snatching a cow from there!  It is not once or twice, they have enacted this ghastly act thrice! President of the GouShala, Rajarama Bhat, ran out of patience when the killers threatened to comeback after snatching the cow for the third time; he made a firm resolve – a resolve which people don’t make easily, and where there is no return after having taken the decision!


It was the decision to go on fast unto death; “police should arrest the smugglers; present them at the goushala; they should eat their own words regarding returning to take more cows’ – when Bhat decided not to withdraw from his decision to fast unto death even if it meant his death, it created an awakening in the society!

Theft of cows is not new to Dakshina Kannada; but this kind of revolt was new! Till then it was routine for people to listen to stories of cow theft, to say it is not right, and go back to their daily chores with a heavy heart; this kind of muted murmuring was our response to the suffering of cows so far! For the first time in history, entire society stood up and stood firm; magnitude of protest was such that it made the smugglers shudder and public servants lose their slumber!


Though it is natural characteristic of firewood to burn, doesn’t it need someone to light a matchstick? Pains caused by the killing of cows are arrows tearing into the hearts of Bharatiyas! Except the eccentric few who smuggle, slay and swallow cows, all humans in general are hurt by the sufferings of cows! The silent suffering caused by cow slaughter, which was hidden within the hearts of the people, broke out and took the shape of a robust revolt of Kairangala!


The spark of Combat-Kamadhenu, which was kindled in Kairangala, proliferated in to the hearts and minds of the people; as though in magic, masses moved as a massive flood to the site of protest; many cow enthusiasts brought the philosophy of moral support to practice, they participated in the fast themselves; some even prepared to abandon their lives by abandoning food!


When the embankment of patience of public was breached, public servants had to face the music; murderers were marooned; law enforcement agencies, which were in deep slumber had to rise from their sleep and act in lightning speed; as a result the cow-thieves were behind the bars in few days! The same place where fast-unto-death for cows were held, witnessed celebration of cow’s victory!

Success of a mega movement doesn’t belong to one person; but no mega movement materializes without the major contribution from few main characters! Same was the case with Kairangala:

  • Vishwanath Kadwai, who wagered his life fighting with the sword -wielding smugglers to save the life of a cow and Devaraj Pandikatta who valiantly supported him.
  • Kodakkallu Rajarama Bhat, who declared fast unto death and ignited the flame of cow-campaign.
  • Police, who acted swiftly to nab those who steal, slay and swallow mother of all mothers and then flaunt a swagger, ensured quick culmination of the protests; the fact that politicians are without teeth due to election code might have given more teeth to police!


Last word: Mega battle at Kairangala is a mega warning bell  to cow stealers and politicians who eat out of their hands! If they don’t wake up now, a repeat act in Kairangala will create scores of Parashuramas in coastal areas! The tsunami in the ocean which will result from the sway of their swords will wash away the tribe of wicked politicians!




Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji

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