Femininity should not be dealt with cruelty; saffron should not be seen lightly – these are the twin rules in the culture of Sanatan Dharma.


Sadhvi Prajna Singh Takur is a woman and a sanyasin. The way Swami Purnachetanananda Giri (Sadhwi’s name after embracing Sanyasashram) was treated by the police is a blot not only for Bharatiya culture, but for the entire human race!


Story of savagery on Sadhvi Prajna:

Those on power wanted to project that there are terrorists among Hindus; those in service were looking for postings and promotions; postings and promotions were at the mercy of the ruler; police officers danced to the tune of the rulers;

result is, an innocent Sanyasin was put behind the bars; was subjected to inhuman levels of cruelty; was projected as a serious offender before the nation; utter cruelty ruled over her body, mind, asceticism and goodwill for over nine years, then she was let off for want of proof!

A woman, social activist, sanyasin and innocent – these were four valid reasons for not troubling her! Ignoring all these, throwing the laws of the land to the winds, transgressing the frontiers of pity and probity, the officers subjected her to hell for silly selfish ends – cannibals are gentler than such gentlemen!

Recently a chance meeting with her provided an opportunity for her to explain her ordeals to us and we had a chance to listen to her own words! We felt as though we were meeting Mother Sita who returned from her Lanka ordeals! When Prajna Singh narrates the pains she went through in prison even a heart with iron would melt; blood of ice would boil! In a country – where the epic battle of Ramayana was fought for protecting the chastity of a woman, where epic battle of MahaBharat was fought to avenge the insult meted out to a woman – if there is no one to listen to the woes of a innocent woman ~ sanyasin, is it not complete breakdown of the soul of a nation?


“Let hundred criminals escape, let not a single innocent be punished!” this is supposed to be the foundation of criminal law; but this principle exists only in speeches and writings; facts on the ground narrate a different story!


Burning example of hard facts is the Prajna Singh episode! If protectors become predators won’t our home turn into hell!?


How many innocents are losing their peace of mind-dignity-wealth-health in our police stations, jails, courts in our country! But stories of officers being punished for harassing the innocents are seldom being heard and almost non-existent! If at least a few of those officers who misuse their office to suffocate the innocents go to the gallows thousands of innocents will be saved from trouble!

Oh illusive demons who have embarked on sullying the image of saffron to scuttle the light of virtues! Don’t beam with impunity thinking you have achieved something by physically and mentally torturing saints. Their true value is in their soul. The more you injure them externally; their true spirit shines more brightly from within. The other day we have witnessed the inner fire of Prajna Singh burning brighter like an inferno instead of getting put off owing to your attempts at character assassination.

If you hold a flaming torch towards the ground, it burns more and the flame always moves only upwards!





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