The Sanskrit word Avathâra means “to descend.” When
God responds to the call of his suffering children and takes
the human form, it is an Avathâra or incarnation. Shree Rama
and Shree Krishna are incarnations.

We are all children of God. Yet, why are we so different from
the Avathâras ?

The words “fall” and “descend” explain this difference. An
ordinary human being’s birth into this world can be compared
to a person slipping and falling inside a well. The person gets
hurt and deformed; a saviour has to rescue him.

An Avathâra is the saviour who descends into this world, fully
conscious of his role as a guide. He comes down from heaven
to lift us up from the depths of samsâra. Living amidst
humanity, an incarnation retains his divinity.

True nature of humanity is bliss, immortality and jnâna. But,
our present reality is not this. We experience more misery than
happiness, more ignorance than knowledge and more death
than life.
Because we lack self knowledge. Ignorance and darkness
envelop our lives.

Incarnations like Shree Rama and Shree Krishna can be
compared to the sun which gives light and life to all creatures.
Their divinity is like the lamp kept inside a glass dome which
sheds light all over. They dispel ignorance and bestow
bliss on the lives of millions.

Let us enshrine them in our hearts and walk the way shown
by them.

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