During his wanderings, a Guru had gone to a nearby
village and had to stay there for a couple of days. He
asked one of his disciples to return to the ashram and fetch
a few things he needed. The disciple was troubled because
he had to cross the river in floods and reach the ashram. He
sought the guidance of the Guru. The Guru told him:
“ Do not worry, stand at the bank of the river and say aloud,
‘I surrender at the holy feet of my Guru’. The floods will
not harm you.”

The disciple followed the Guru’s instruction. It was a miracle.
The river made way for him to walk and the disciple reached
the ashram safely.

After a few days, the Guru himself had to cross the river and
go to his ashram on the other side. He remembered the advice
he had given to his disciple.

The Guru stood at the banks of the river and shouted: “Oh
river, I surrender at my holy feet, give me way.” As the
Guru walked into the river, there was no miracle to be
witnessed. The river continued to flow at great speed and the
Guru was swept away.

Why did the Guru fail and the disciple win?

The answer is simple. The disciple’s complete surrender at
the feet of his Guru saved him. But the Guru mistook the
disciple’s faith to be his own power. The Guru thought that
he was so powerful that he did not need any other spiritual
guide and hence got drowned.

Except God, everyone else needs a spiritual guide. Adi Guru
Shankaracharya too had a spiritual mentor. Even incarnations
like Shree Krishna and Shree Rama surrendered at the feet of
illustrious gurus.

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