A nawab was leading a very happy life. He had everything-

money, power, health and peace of mind. One day when he

was walking in the garden, a beautiful girl appeared in front

of him. He was fascinated by her beauty and was surprised

when the girl offered herself in marriage. The nawab told


“I will be happy to marry you, but I have to seek my Guru’s

permission. If he permits, I will accept you as my life partner.”

To the nawab’s disappointment, the Guru did not grant him

permission. But, the desire to marry the girl had taken deep

root in his heart. He kept pestering the Guru who finally

yielded on a condition. The holy man tied a talisman around

the nawab’s wrist and said:

“You should never untie this holy thread. It will protect you

at all times from misfortunes.”

The nawab agreed to do so and married the girl he loved. The

couple led a happy life and years passed by. The girl won the

heart of the nawab through her love and service.

One day the girl told the nawab:

“My dear lord, I have been your wife for several years and

have served you sincerely. Yet, you don’t trust me. If you

really love me, remove the holy thread which is around your


The nawab forgot his Guru’s words and untied the holy thread.

At once his beloved wife vanished and in her place a ferocious

fire spitting demon appeared. The fire burnt down the palace

and reduced the nawab to ashes.

Who is the nawab in this story?

He represents ordinary human beings like us. We get fascinated

by worldly life which at first is very attractive like the nawab’s

wife, but later reveals its true devilish nature. The nawab was

happy before he met the girl, similarly Jeeva, enjoys

Brahmananda, before it is trapped by the demon of illusion

and is subjected to the pains of disease and death.

Total surrender at the feet of the Guru who has conquered

illusion is the only protection from mâya. This is the only way

to bliss.

Shall we hold on to the holy feet of the Guru and be liberated

from illusion?

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