All actions of our daily life are based either on dharma or
adharma. Life itself is a conflict between the forces of right
and wrong. The maharishis explained the mysteries of dharma,
and paved the way to self knowledge and happiness. We should
firmly hold on to this path in our lives. There is both peace
and excellence in this.

In the conflict between dharma and adharma, dharma always
wins. On the eve of the war at Kurukshethra, Duryodhana
sought the blessings of his mother, Gandhari. She replied:

“Yatho dharmaha:thatha Krishna; Yatho Krishnaha thatho Jaya:”
“Krishna is with dharma; wherever Krishna is there is victory.”

Gandhari knew the greatness of dharma. She had blindfolded
only her external eyes, her inner eyes were open to the truth
of dharma. She knew that when Panduranga was on the side
of the Pandavas, victory was assured to them.

If we analyse the actions of Lord Krishna who protected the
Pandavas and destroyed the Kauravas, we realize the truth
of the statement, “Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshithaha”. It means
that dharma protects the person who protects it.

Just as an armour protects a warrior from injuries in a
battlefield, dharma protects us in the battle of life. In our
journey towards self realization we need to wear this armour
and shield ourselves from adharma. If we neglect dharma, it
will depart from our homes and hearts.

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