A poor old woman lived in a town all by herself. She had
nobody to call her own. She sold firewood for a living.

On a hot day, she had been working very hard and while trying
to lift a bundle of firewood on her head, she fell down. The
miserable woman felt that instead of leading such a painful
life, it was better to die. She cried aloud:

“Oh Yama, take me away ; relieve me of my sufferings.”

The old woman’s words fell on the ears of Yama, who was
traversing in the sky just above the place where she had fallen.

Yama thought to himself:

“ Who is this woman inviting me so willingly? Let me go to
Yama approached the old woman and asked her:

“Grandma, did you call me? How can I help you?”
The old woman who had by then regained her composure,
requested Yama:

“Sir, would you please place this bundle of firewood on my
head? I have to sell it at the market.”
The old woman forgot death and the desire to live took hold
of her.

Desire is the source of all human misery. The gap between
desire and fulfilment leads to unhappiness. Many a time,
fulfilment of ones desires can cause misery to others. Ravana’s
desire for Seetha destroyed him and many others. Behind
all wicked deeds there are unfulfilled desires.
When we are tied by an ordinary chain, we cannot move.
But, desire is a strange chain which makes us run behind
money, power position, in short behind all material things.
When we are free from the chain of desire, we do not move.
We become quiet. We experience the bliss which is within

Shall we throw away the chain of desire and attain a calm,
and quiet mind?

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