Bengaluru: The chaturmasya occasion observed by SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha has been going on at Ramashrama, Girinagar. There was an event organised by HavyakaMaha Mandala – MaatruShaake. VidwanJagadish Sharma, EshwariBerkadavu and U.S.G. Bhat were the delegates of the event.
A drama named ‘Pustakapanditya’ at the Kalarama stage was graced by His Holiness. The drama was about the book worm pandits who would be without any other knowledge, it was a sarcasm about book worms. The drama was applauded by all the audience present. The director and writer of the drama was Dr.Gajanana Sharma; musicians PrajnanaleelashukaUpadhyaya, Deepika Bhat, Saket Sharma, Priyanka, Pooja and Ganesh Gundkal were involved in the drama. The actors who took part were Adithya Bhat Kekkar, Amshuman.M.Bhat, Ananya Bhat, Ganesh Hegde, Indira Shraddha, PramodHegde, Ramesh Bhat, Sachin.L.S and Samartha.L.S. The dancers who participated in the drama were Amruta, Pruthvi Bhat, Ramya Bhat, Sanvi.K, Srigowri, Thanmayee.V.Bhat, Vaishnavi Bhat Marakkini.
‘Sadhanapanchaka’ and ‘Gougeetaroopaka’ V.C.D by Sri BharathiPrakashana were launched by SriSamsthana. Office bearers of SriMath, many devotees from various places were present during the events of the day.

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