March 28, 2010 / Bangalore

We have given here selected questions of devotees and answers of Shree Swamji at the Sannidhi program held at Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan, Bangalore on Sunday 28th March, 2010

1.Question: We know that it is our duty to serve Goumatha. Swamiji please tell us how we can do this?
Sri Swamiji: First begin to rear atleast one cow at your home. If it is difficult for you to do this, then support those who rear cows.
Each one of you could adopt a cow and provide financial support. Begin to use gavya products like soap, shampoo, etc. The more you use such products , the more you contribue to the welfare and protection of cows.

2.Question: When cow protection is our dharma , is it not a shame that we should fight for ban on cow slaughter and ask the government to pass a legislation to prevent killing of cows?
Sri Swamiji: Very wonderful question. It is a very sad state. We are forgetting to take care of our mother , in the name of power we are losing goumatha, the mother who gives us life.

3.Question: When will you establish the Kamadhenu University Swamiji?
Sri Swamiji: At the earliest. It is the need of the honour to educate people about the value of cows . Today nobody has to teach people about the worth of gold. They know it and guard it. It is the ignorance about the worth of cows which is causing them to be killed.

4. Question: If cow urine and dung can be medicine, can cow meat also be medicinal?
Sri Swamiji: No, beef is toxic. Cow is like Lord Shiva. It keeps the poison for itself and gives the nectar to others.

5.Question: How to uplift oneslf culturally and spiritually?
Sri Swamiji: Every day give some time for yourself. Give time for refining your body, mind and athma. Otherwise like a machine which is working over time without rest , you will break down.
An evening like this Sannidhi program gives you food for athma, mind and body. You are at the altar of God, Guru and Goodness all around.


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