Here’s a story of an elephant and a fly .. maybe some of us wud hv heard
this before ..
There was a fly which was sitting on an elephant’s leg and for some reason
it was angry on the elephant and decided to leave.
While the fly was saying” i am gonna leave u and u will suffer”, the
elephant moved its leg and there was a cloud of dust in the air.
The fly thought that just by its saying it created a storm in the air but
in real elephant didn’t even know that there was a fly sitting on its leg.
We see this happening lots of times in our real life too that we think if
we stop talking or contributing,then there will be a big difference.
MORAL :- *But we tend to forget that we are so invisible in this entire
creation and that everything moves perfectly fine whether we tend to
contribute our shares or not.

Source: Sri’s Collection

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