An atheist and a believer had the same doctor. Every time they met in the
doctor’s waiting room, they would argue and end up insulting each other.

u realy believe that you are going to be saved on Judgment Day and go up to
heaven. Do u realy believe everything you read in the Bible, and everything
they told you in church?” said the atheist.

“I’m not certain of anything,” the  believer replied.

“Like u I have  doubts. But I stil hav hope.”

“But I don’t have doubts,” the  atheist cried. “I have only  certainties.
For example, I can assure  you that God has nothing to do with the  ache in
your knee, and that He doesn’t  care in the least how you feel.”

“u don’t know what you’re talking  about. And do you know something? You
are a believer too. I can prove it to  you.”

“Really? That I’d like to see!”

“Will you be straightforward and  answer my questions honestly?”

“Of course. I’m an honest atheist.”

“Okay. Can you tell me what the name  of the doctor is who you came to see?”

“Well no, he’s not here. And I can’t  pronounce the replacement’s name.”

“Well, when you leave his office,  will you check the prescription he
gives you for mistakes, like you would  a lottery ticket?”

“No, of course not. The doctor knows  what he’s doing.”

“Are you a close friend of the  pharmacist who is going to fill the

“No, I go to a big pharmacy, and I  rarely get served by the same person.”

“Do you know what medication the  doctor is going to give you, and what
its side effects are?”


“& yet ur going to take it,  aren’t you?”


“Well, dear friend, I am happy to  announce that you too are a man of


Many of us behave like atheist, we don’t understand how believers can have
blind faith in their God, & we  often find their fervor ridiculous.
And yet, we also have well  established beliefs, &
not only when

Source :- Sri’s Collection..

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