If someone insists that a pebble and pearl are same, isn’t it logical to conclude he is insane? If someone mixes pebbles of diamond with the pebbles on the shore doesn’t he stretch the borders of foolishness?

Honorable Supreme Court has compared the cow dung from indigenous breeds to Kohinoor Diamond (Article Link). If cow dung is diamond can milk be far behind? They say death is certain if diamond is melted and consumed, but one who consumes milk of desi cows, longevity is certain! Thought of mixing milk, which is superior to diamond, with poison? Mixing milk with medicinal qualities with suicidal white fluids? “Blunder” – is there any other name for the weird idea of putting poison and nectar be in the same container’?
Having completed presenting eight blunders which we are committing on milk in the last two articles, shall we proceed to present the rest?

#Blunder~9: Mixing the milk from indigenous cows with the milk of other animals.

It is milk all the way, how does it matter if it belongs to some other animal? This is the philosophy of dairies. It is routine for them to mix the milk of cows from our indigenous breeds with the milk of hybrid cows or buffaloes.



It is economically unwise to mix costlier milk with other milk; it is hygienically unwise to mix the immunizing milk with infected milk; we are unaware of the hazards we welcome by mixing the milk of varied nature and characteristics.

  • As per the findings of Bharatiya researchers, milk from hybrid cows can adversely affect the nervous system, immunity system and endocrine glands, which secrete hormones which maintain the overall balance of health in humans.
  • Russian researchers have found hazardous BCM7 in the urine of children who consume A1 milk.
  • Mother’s milk is manna; but according to researchers from Poland, mother who drinks A1 milk passes on BCM7 to the child through the milk from her bosom!
  • Recent researches have shown that problems in children, like Type-1 Diabetes, Autism, indigestion, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, are results of consumption of A1 milk.
  • Some researchers believe BCM7 causes cancer.

Milk of indigenous breeds or A2 milk do not have these ill-effects because there is no BCM7 in them; alternatively, they come with lot of benefits. For the same reason, milk from indigenous breeds is more valuable, no – invaluable. Mixing it with A2 milk is loss to the nation; loss to the human! Owing to the dangers associated with consumption of A1 milk, doctors in America are advising not to give milk to children!


Our Suggestion: Keep at least the available milk from indigenous cows and lets feed it to the children! Let at least the next generation prosper!


We don’t know the fruits of adulteration: ‘ऋषिरेव विजानाति द्रव्यसंयोगजं फलम्‘ Only sage will know the effects of mixing different ingredients and using it! As there are no sages today it would be apt to say only God know the effects of adulteration of milk from different animals!


Presentation on BCM 7 @Prastuti, SriRamachandrapuraMatha


#Blunder~10: Using milk which is old and from far of places.


Effect: Milk becomes difficult to digest. To keep the milk from getting spoilt, things which spoil us – preservatives and plastic – enter the fray. Milk is a liquid food which has to be used then and there. Fresher is the milk, good for health. Ayurveda declares, “Milk has to be consumed as milk is being milked – immediately after milking – before it loses its warmth”. As the time passes it becomes hard to digest. It is profitable for business to collect and store milk, supply it to far off places so that it becomes aged before drinking; but it is hazardous for health. Discarding this idea would be beneficial to the 1300 million bodies of our country! If fresh milk is available everywhere it won’t allow the entry of phantom called plastic and ghost called preservatives!


#Blunder~11: Mixing preservatives so that milk doesn’t get spoilt before it reaches consumers.

Effect: All ill-effects of poison!


Just the way pasteurized milk is supplied from big dairies, even smaller dairiessupply large quantities of milk; but without pasteurization. But we cannot relax thinking that there is no ill-effects of pasteurization! Instead of pasteurization they use dangerously poisonous preservatives.


Poisons which are used in milk to kill bacteria which cause its splitting also kill humans or make their life hell!

Cutting short the life of man to increase the longevity of milk?

Presentation on preservatives  @Prastuti, Ramachandrapuramatha

#Blunder~12:  Using artificially flavored plastic to store milk.

Effects: All ills caused by the contact of poisonous demon plastic. Hazardous poison released while heating the milk along with the plastic container!

‘Even if it is cow’s milk, don’t drink it if it is kept in dog’s skin” is a old saying. Plastic is worse than a dog’s skin! Even a dog’s skin might have some benifits, there are none in plastic, it is completely harmful!


Drinking nectar in poisonous bowl!? World has acknowledged plastic is poison. ‘संसर्गजा दोष-गुणा भवन्ति’ Learned men say the moment there is a contact both the vices and virtues get transmitted. Things being so, if milk is kept totally in contact with plastic for long periods there is no way milk can remain unaffected by plastic! And the effect cannot be good!


Real problem is here: In most of the hotels and functions cooks sink the milk along with the plastic container in hot water to boil. When it is heated plastic releases all its poison into the milk; drinking such milk is nothing but drinking poison! To top it all, we drink hot milk inplastic cups and make even our children drink from it! To call a spade a spade, milk inside hot plastic is more dangerous than alcohol!


The question that comes up here is, “Then what is the alternative to plastic?”

Using milk on the same day and in the same place – this is possible when desi cows/ their milk is available in every place. If we need milk we need cows too. Facilities to rear cows should be available in cities and towns. Is it not height of stupidity to say we have space for gold courses in cities but not for cows!?


Ill effects of Plastic – @Pratuti, Sri RamachandrapuraMatha


#Blunder~13: Adulterating milk with detergent, chemicals for white color, urea, refined oil and caustic soda.


Effect: Unimaginable! They can cause cancer or any other diseases; they can create havoc in the anatomical system.


Starting from selling by mixing what is not milk with milk, country has degenerated to the extent of selling something as milk where there is no milk, absolutely, not even a drop – it is a chemical liquid that is white in color and artificially flavored! What is the difference between these people and those who kill for money or sell the organs of innocents for money!? Same is the mind, same is the perception and same is the ramification!

Laws in neighboring China provide for execution of those who contaminate the milk powder used to feed children! We don’t find it wrong; those who mix venom with milk don’t have a right to live!


So much about milky misadventures! Now let’s move on to the realm of remedies?


There are two solutions to the Milky Misadventures that the country has seen – or yet to see with open eyes: one is the government and the other is we, the people! Government can contribute by bringing nccessary legislation, society can agitate by non-cooperation to find an answer to this poisoning perpetrated on the population of the country.


Narendra Modiji, you have been looked upon as the only ray of hope for the present day Bharat!  When you sit in the driver’s seat of this country, it doesn’t reflect kindly on you at all if over a thousand million population of Bharat is made to drink its daily dose of poison in the name of milk! You have the reputation of being the most honest, upright and courageous leader the country has seen after Lal Bahadur Shastriji. By implementing demonetization and goods and services tax you have demonstrated and proved to the whole world that you have it in you to take tough decisions for the sake of the country and digest the repercussions! Just the way you have proceeded to cleanse money market for the good of the nation, time has come for you to proceed to cleanse the milk market for the good of the human. Just the way you have derecognized the notes, derecognize the poisonous milk too, build a ‘SwastBharat’ along with ‘SwachBharat’!


That milk has become poisonous is not a figment of imagination; nor is it tittle-tattles; health minister of your own government has stated in the house of parliament, “68% of the milk sold in our country is not fit for consumption!”  Food Safety and Standards Authority of India – FSSAI appointed by the Government of India has declared in the year 2011 itself that majority of the milk sold in Bharat does not meet the standards set by it. Central Government has stated this before the Honorable Supreme Court of Bharat by way of a sworn affidavit! We are not saying all this; you are saying this!


This truth is sworn by an affidavit by the Central Government, the highest legislative authority of the country before Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority of the country based on the report submitted by FSSAI, the highest executive authority of the country on food security!


No more distrust; no more delay is justified! Prime Minister, as a person who represents of the crores of citizens of this country, please make a quick and firm decision in the interest of the nation; ban the poison in the form of milk which comes to play with the life and living of the people! Scriptures prescribe that one who administers poison is “aatatayi” and killing such a person is not a sin! Convert this scriptural doctrine into law; deal with iron fists with those who distribute death in the name of milk!


This one decision of yours can become panacea for a thousand million Bharatiya people; it can redeem them from poison; it can open the gates of immortality to them; you can prevent unnatural diseases and untimely deaths, you can provide healthy living! We have no doubt that the signature which will be placed for this purpose will turn out to be the insignia of immortality to the people, and that history of the nation will record your contribution in letters of diamond. May you be promoted from the office of the Prime Minister to the status of mother in the lives of a thousand million children being damned with contaminated milk!


Last word,

To all those Bharatiyas who drink menace in the name of milk: unless the old home is demolished you can’t construct a new home in the same place! In the same way, until we reject the malice in the name of milk, real milk cannot make its way to our lives! Come, let’s engage in real agitation for the real milk; let’s continue fight with a milk movement where we will drink water till we get the real milk to drink. Can we board the bus to any strange place just because the bus to our native did not arrive!? Let’s drink real milk; or let’s not drink anything at all; if we take this bold decision for our own benefit, for the benefit of our own children, we can see the change right in our place right from tomorrow!


This will mark the end of an era where the mischief makes our lives miserable and the herald an era where milk makes our life memorable!



Way to wisdom:

Sequence of illustrations in the below picture:


  1. Cow’s milk
  2. Adulteration with milk of other animals
  3. Use of preservatives for storage
  4. Plastic containers
  5. Milk being heated along with the plastic pouches
  6. What we get at the end is ‘poison’!



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