That was the month of December in the year 1992; we were in a young age and were studying vedas in SriKshetra Gokarna. One day we were passing through the RathaBeedi to our students’ hostel we felt a discernible change in the atmosphere. The breeze which was swweping from north had unfathomable electricity in it! The faces we encountered daily on the streets were oozing with rapturous vibrations! There was sprinkling of happiness in those faces that were immersed in animated discussions! ‘What could be the cause? What could have happened?’ As our curiosity rose up in the air, Air India informed in a pleased voice the incredible news that was being anticipated by every single Bharatiya for long – like Shabari waited for Lord Rama – that day Babari Masjid that stood in the Ram JanmaBhumi at Ayodhya was grazed to the ground by Karsevaks! A ghost who was occupying the banyan tree for long had been warded off!


One cannot keep such extraordinary news within himself for long; we had the same experience when we heard this news. We shared the news with Hanumat Prasad, our fellow student from UP, who was coming from the opposite direction. Letters of rainbows and pen of lightning may be apt to describe the changes in his expression! He didn’t understand our words immediately; and took some time to digest the news even after understanding it! Words “Is it true!?” came out of his mouth without his knowledge! Once it is established that the news was indeed true, the light of a thousand Suns that lit his face up and the roars of ecstasy that he made are still vivid in our eyes and ears!


He pounced on us like a tsunami of happiness, embraced us with a bear-hug and punched us to his heart’s content! When we realized the depth of his emotions, the punches did not feel like punches, they felt like expression of extreme affection! Though the pain from his punches lasted for days, memories of his happiness last till this day in our heart even 25 years after the incident!


How sweet is the victory of truth that comes after waiting for long!


Starting from Hanuman of Tretayug upto our fellow student Hanumat Prassad every true Bharatiya feels from his heart that temple of SriRaama should stand in RamJanmaBhumi in Ayodhya!


SriRama is the soul of Bharat’s culture. His birth  means celebrations on earth and skies in Bharat! Five celestial bodies adorned their powerful positions to form a welcome arch when the God of Gods descended on earth as God of Humans; happiness of Gandharvas could not be held within and was heard as their celestial song from the skies, divine damsels danced in the stage of the skies; contrary to the routine worship performed by the earth to the divine land, the divine beings rained flowers to worship the thrilled earth which had the Lord of the Universe in its lap! Height of happiness of the King and commoners of Ayodhya was such, that pearls were sprayed on the festive streets!!



Time and place of Rama’s birth signify supreme sanctity to the society of Bharat! Navami of Shukla Paksh, ChaitraMasa in Vasanta Rutu (Spring season) is not just 9th day of the month; it is SriRamaNavami for the hundred crore Bharatiyas! In the same way, the spot sanctified by SriRaama’s birth in Ayodhya is the most sacred place of worship for us.


We cannot imagine the country and culture of Bharat sans SriRama! Heart of every Bharatiya has Rama in It; names and breaths of crores and crores of Bharatiya people have Raam in it; length and breadth of Bharat, village after village have marks of Rama’s feet, or water bodies sanctified by his feet! If we worship the land where Rama had set his feet, can we allow the place of his birth to dilapidate? Can we digest the ignominy of a Smear Castle which was built on the ruins of a top of the world temple of Lord SriRama?


What Bharat needs is memory of Sri Raama, not that of Babar. Rama is the soul of Bharat; and he is the Supreme Soul for people of Bharat. Babar does not even belong to Bharat! Should we worship an invader who came from Farghana in Uzbekistan in place of Lord Raama!? While Babari Masjid is a sign of foreign invasion; temple of SriRama is an insignia of universal ideology of RaamRajya! Babar bequeathed barbarism in Bharat; Rama is remembered for RamaRajya. While SriRama is the Lord he is remembered by people every day in Bharat, Babar’s name reminds them of atrocity and cruelty! Bharat doesn’t need neither memory or momento of Babar.That too it is sheer indiscretion to have a momento of Babar in the birthplace of Lord SriRama! In its brutality it is harsher than invasion of Hindustan!


Extent of influence of Lord Rama, who lived and ruled in TretaYug on the people of Bharat is evident from the fact that in response to a call from VishwaHinduParishat, over 2 lakhs devotees had gathered in Ayodhya on the 6th of December in the year 1992 surpassing countless hurdles and daring death for performing karseva! Many from our neighbourhood and our native place had gone to Ayodhya for Karseva and immersed themselves in gratitude! Bharatiya Janata Party, which had only 2 seats in the earlier LokSabha elections leapt to 85 seats on pronouncing SriRama’s name; in 1998 their tally swelled to 182 and today they boast of 282 seats and rule the nation with clear majority! Bharatiya Janata party should always remember this was the result of Lord Rama’s grace.


Leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party, every single person who voted for you speaks in one voice – “Build a temple for SriRama in Ayodhya; show gratitude to the grace of Lord SriRama!’


Yes, Ram Temple has to be built! It has to happen in the same place were SriRama was born in Ayodhya! A temple of SriRama only should be built in RamaJanmBhumi in Ayodhya! Till that happens, there is no meaning for the Ram Bhakti which we display; there is no real meaning to the powers that political leaders enjoy in the name of Lord SriRama!




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