Holy mother Sanatan Dharma (meaning Hinduism, which is without birth or death) only knows losing her children; she has not known having her children return home! The number of children she has lost in the past couple of millenniums is beyond the territory of mathematics! It is not a story of the past; it is the story which still rules the roost! With every sunrise our unfortunate ears have to keep listening to conversion for inducements, force or love-jihad. Stories of return of those poor baby parrots of our homes carried away by the alien vultures and eagles are like moonlight on a no moon day!


In this light, the refreshingly soothing news from Jakarta is really heartening. Kanjeng Raden Ayu Mahindrani Kooswidyanthi Paramasi, Princess of Java, Indonesia has reconverted to Hinduism from Islam!  On 17 July 2017, she formally joined the lap of Hinduism through the customary ‘Sudhi Wadani’ rituals performed under the guidance of Sri Bhagawan Putra Natha Nawa Wangsa Pemayun.


Her words after returning to Hinduism were, “I have not adopted a new religion but I have rejoined my religion!”

Her words are true to the core. At one point Hinduism occupied Indonesia completely. There was no trace of any other religion or custom there. Gradually Buddhism entered and then Islam sneaked; that licked the entire Indonesia! Today there are 225 million Muslims! It accounts for 87.2 percent of its total population! Today Indonesia happens to be the country with maximum number of Muslims in the world! Poor Hindus add up to for just four million accounting for 1.7% only!

Names in that country are commentaries on the sad story of Hinduism there. Take the example of this Princess. ‘Mahindrani Kooswidyanthi Paramasi’ the word ‘Mahendra’s Ramani (beloved) – has become ‘Mahendrani’; ‘vidiyanti’ in ‘Kosvidiyanti’  is a modification of the Sanskrit word ‘Vidya’; ‘Paramasi’ isa direct degeneration of the word ‘Parameshwari’! As per Indoanasian custom King and Queen were used to be addressed as ‘Parameshwara’ and ‘Parameshwari’ respectively.

Furthermore, name of the priest who led the process of reconversion is ‘Sri Bhagawan Putra Natha Nawa Wangsa Pemayun’. Note the words ‘Bhagawan Putra’ (भगवान पुत्र) which is chaste Sanskrit; ‘Nata’ has come from ‘Natha’ (नाथ ) of Sanskrit; ‘Nava’ (नव) of Sanskrit has become ‘Nawa’! The ritual they conducted ‘Sudhi Wadani’ – ‘sudhi’ is nothing but ‘Shuddhi’ (शुद्धि) of Sanskrit,  ‘vadana’ (वदन) means face in Sanskrit, ‘vadani’ (वदनि) means scriptures which flow from the face in the cleansing ritual. Yavad Island has become ‘Java Island’ of the Princess and ‘Bali’ Island of the priest has originated from the name ‘Vali’.


Why only Indonesia, entire earth was within the sphere of influence of Hinduism in olden days. Note the words of Lord Rama to Vali in Ramayana:


इक्ष्वाकूणां इयं भूमि: सशैल-वन-कानना।

मृग-पक्षि-मनुष्याणां निग्रह-प्रग्रहावपि।।


This means even before Rama entire earthwas under the purview of Ikshvaku Dynasty, who were protectors of SanatanDharma;  its administration – including its control and protection of all animals, birds and humans – was in conformity with SanatanDharma!


SanatanDharma belongs to all, all belong to SanatanDharma naturally!


There is no living being which doesn’t desire comforts; but real comfort is not available anywhere! Since living-beings strive to get real comfort only, they lose everything! You can’t find pure comfort anywhere, even if you find it won’t be yours! Things being so, ancient sages of Bharat indulged in deep penance and found the source of very height of all comforts, and a way to attain it; they called it Dharma (which roughly means ‘natural way of life’).


Those compassionate souls shared such way of life with the entire world instead of keeping it with themselves; because though SanatanDharma is ours, it is not ours alone; it is an invaluable gift like Sun, Earth or Air from God to all living beings! It is the bridge built by God for those lives which got separated from Him to unite with Him once again! It is the cold stream of nectar flowing from God to the lives which suffer from the severity of life on earth! It is the inherited legacy of all living beings from their true father!


In SatyaYuga Dharma ruled the entire world, or we can also say whenever Dharma rules the entire world that is SatyaYuga!


There was a time, Dharma sat on the throne of Ayodhya and ruled the entire universe. Now a time has come; SanatanaDharma – or the true nature of all beings – is losing its identity at its native place! RamMandir has become BabriMosque; Ayodhya has become Faizabad; Bharat has become India.


Who is the loser? Definitely not Dharma, it is for the world! Each life which strays out of the sphere of Dharma is like a fish out of water! Each country which discards Dharma is like a barren desert! When we say these words we remember – those innumerable kins who originally belonged to us, and became strangers owing to conversion! Holy lands and peninsulas which originally belonged to Bharat and got alienated from us owing to the confusion created by conversions to result in enemy nations!


To sum up, we pray to the Lord from the bottom of our heart; let every fish that is thrown out of water owing to conversion return to the ocean of SanatanDharma; let all those pieces of land which got separated from Bharat as the next step in conversion revert to Bharat; let the whole world become a universal family under the shelter of SanatanDharma..


Let Princess Mahendrani, who returned to mother religion open the flood gates for a new era.



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Queen Mahendrani undergoing SudhiWadani

Picture Courtesy: Tribal News 





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