Where is the seer? Where is the spring? What sews a seer to the spring?


Where is the presence of spring in one’s life without the presence of the seer? Dust from feet of seers is the source of spring; if seer descends in life it signifies the onset of spring too!


Spring stepped into Dasharatha’s life again! Spring of the past was pre-dawn rays of Ashvamdeha; today’s spring was the real dawn; while earlier spring was for setting the sacrificial horse free from the stable, today’s spring signified the very Ashvamedha itself.


When the mighty weight of the mighty Yaga was trying to weigh down on his shoulders the King remembered the Holy Seer who had brought spring in his daily life. In Sanskrit the word “Guru” also means ‘something that is heavy’; it is natural for a Guru to willingly accept the weight of difficulties of life as well as living of his disciples! For the same reason, Guru’s might is beyond measure while disciple’s weight is light like a feather!


King proceeded to place the pressure of the MahaYaga on MahaGuru; even before the start of the Yaga he approached Sage Vasishtha, “Bhagwan! There is no one as tall as you are in all the three worlds; at the same time, there is no one as close as you are to me! You are the light that illuminates my eyes – at times as Great Guru and as best friend at other times, you are the spring of nectar that has brought coolness to my bosom! Oh height of all heights which is yet closer than the closest! Weight of my life and weight of my race –both are on you; weight of this Yaga, which is being performed for the welfare my race too is on you!”, with these words Dasharatha’s forehead touched the feet of Bhagwan feet of Bhagawan Vasishtha symbolizing non-duality!


Guru, who said “So be it!” with raised hands of reassurance, clam composure and smiling lips appeared to the King like Kamdhenu ready to feed it’s calf with ambrosia called milk.


As the Guru, through his divine mind, assumed the complete weight of the Yaga on himself, as the YajnaPurush boarded his sacred shoulders, there was an untold vibration!  When things come to the mind of the mighty men, matters materialize on their own! This theory was played out practically at Ayodhya as Ashvamedha! Just the resolution-stare-pointed fingers and oral instructions from that idol of energy in motion energized so many deeds which were in hibernation; they employed them in the effort for Yajna! As the blessed beings who were targets of the divine glance of Sage Vasishtha began employing their efforts through hard work and application of their skills….


Earth became flatter;

Roof of the entrance started to rise;

YajnaKundas were dug;

Woods were carved in different shapes as items for pleasing the Gods;


Even before the tools of experts in digging touched the ground to create water bodies, ground water rose as though it was waiting for that moment;


Palatial bungalows for the Kings and Monarchs, holy shelters for the learned men, barracks for the security staff, appropriate shelters for the elephants and horses, comfortable homes for the ordinary people – all these decorated the banks of river Sarayu;


Places of rest, which looked as though they were divine decrees of the damsel of dream world; palatial kitchens which served as alerts for the noses with attractive aromas, kindled the fire in the belly and acted as sources of sacrifice for the vitality inside humans.. all these took shape in lightning speed; as astrologers fixed their eyes on the stars, yoga experts fixed their eyes in their inner light and experts of Yaga in the Yaga fire;


Minds and muscles of actors and dancers eagerly waited for the moment when they could display their skills at the stage around the Yaga fire; Yaga experts from all around the world congregated at Ayodhya as organized by the Guru of the World for facilitating the arrival of the Lord of the World; a spell of supreme happiness swept every soul! Thus the abstract idea of Yajna took concrete shape in the sacred sand of Sarayu as per the scheme of the supreme sage!


Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji


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