There was an old fort on top of a hill. Most of the people, in
the town nearby, did not know much about it. Some were
curious to know what lay beyond the fort. They began to
climb it. It was a difficult task. Many of the climbers got
tired and returned home midway. Only a few with
determination conquered it.

On the top, they were thrilled to see a beautiful world. It was
a kingdom of happiness. It was a land of golden palaces
decorated with precious stones. It was a land free from pain,
poverty, disease, death and old age. There was no hatred,
jealousy or fear and people were very happy.

Some of the climbers were so fascinated with this paradise
that they did not want to return home. They jumped down
the fort and began to live in the happy land.

Some others wanted to inform their people about the land of
happiness. So, they screamed at the top of their voices about
the glories of this golden world. Then, they also jumped down
to live in the happy land.

Only one brave and kind person returned home. He spoke to
the people about the wonder world beyond the fort. He helped
many to scale the heights and reach the golden world.

What is this story about the town, the kingdom and the fort?

The town is the everyday material life which we lead. The
kingdom of happiness is the life of the Âtman. Ignorance is
the fort.

Many do not have the will to conquer this fort, while many of
us try to do so and fail. Those who conquer it, experience the
blissful world of the soul and gain liberation. Only a selfless
Sadhguru, who has experienced that bliss, takes pity on fellow
beings and comes back to lead them to the kingdom of
happiness. Through compassion and words of wisdom he
shows the way to the bliss of Âtman.

– This Article is taken from Living with God Book, Guruji’s articles translated by Dr.Sharada Jayagovind.

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