Once there lived a king who was an idiot. His wife, the
queen, delivered a baby girl. The king was thrilled. He
rushed to the labour room to look at the baby. He had imagined
his daughter to be a beautiful girl with long hair and pearl
like teeth. But, the hairless toothless baby shocked him.

The foolish king thought that his daughter was deformed
by a strange disease. He ordered the royal physician to
diagnose the disease and cure the baby of its illness within
three days.

The doctor feared that if he did not obey the king, he would
lose his head. He rushed to his Guru and sought his help. The
Guru asked the doctor not to worry and accompanied him
to the palace.

After examining the baby, the Guru realized that it was the
king who had to be treated and not the baby. He told the

“Oh Lord, I will transform your daughter into the most
beautiful girl in the world. But, it will take a few years to do
this. I will treat her on one condition that no one should see
her till the treatment is over”

The king agreed and the Guru took the baby with him to his

After sixteen long years, one fine day, the Guru came to the
palace with a beautiful girl. The king could not believe his
eyes and as he gazed at his daughter, he asked the Guru in
great wonder:

“Oh learned man, what divine medicine did you give my

The Guru replied: “Time, is the wonder medicine which
has changed your hairless toothless baby into a beautiful lady.
It is the only divine medicine which can work this magic.”

Time changes a child into a youth; a youth into an old man;
an emperor into a beggar; and a poor man into a wealthy

Many problems which cannot be solved by man can be
resolved by Time. Instead of worrying over problems which
have no easy solutions, shall we leave them to Time, the
divine healer?

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