March 16, Bangalore:    Today  is  Ugadi, the  new  year . Shree Swamiji  greets all devotees with   happiness, health and  prosperity .His  holiness’ presence in Bangalore  added  special sweetness to today’s  festival. This  was  the first time  Shree Swamiji was in Bangalore on Ugadi.

A large number of  devotees  with  family and friends  thronged the ashram to seek   Guruji’s blessings. Addressing the   gathering , Shree swamiji said :

“today we partake  neem  and   jaggery to remind ourselves that life is  a combination of  sweetness and biterness and we have to accept  both with equanimity.  Today’s ‘ bevu bella ‘ tasted  more  sweet than usual and bitterness was  hardly noticeable. May you all  experience the  same.”

Shree  Swamiji  stated  that  in  time immemorial,  creation  commenced on   Ugadi. It is a day of   rebirth.We too must  wash away our  blemishes   and   be born anew,afresh. .  Shree Swamji distributed fruit  and manthrakshatha to children and   all the  devotees gathered.

Reported: Sharada  Jayagovind

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