Everyone is aware that cow-slaughter is rampant in our country; but how many are aware that even milk is slaughtered!?


Definitely yes! What we drink every day is the dead body of milk; poison in the garb of milk!


If there is one virus which invades, defaces and converts the best gifts of creation into destructive and deadly poisons that is human being!! If milk which was described as nectar on earth is decried as muck today, the reason is a mixture of idiocy, cruelty and greed of human!


After assessing at the series of serious sins committed by man starting from spoiling cow, the source of milk up to selling mixture of chemicals which have nothing to do with milk,  in the name of milk, let’s proceed to decide “Whether to drink milk or not? If yes, which milk to drink?”

#Blunder~1: Spoiling the source of milk; squandering our indigenous breeds of cows in the name of artificial breeding;

Effect: Real milk is invisible from lives and artificial milk invades it!

Natural milk can come only from natural cows. Once the nature of cows is spoiled, how can the milk be natural!? You ask God, “What is the greatest gift you have given to mankind?” and he is sure to point at cows of Bharat! Indigenous cows of Bharat, which were at the centre of entire creation, which were ornaments to the world were invaded for the greed of more milk; their breeds were spoiled; they were mixed with the sub-standard breeds from the west to create hi-breed varieties of cows! Gone are majestic breeds; welcome to mixed breeds; plight of our countrymen is that of a man who traded his gold to get plastic!


Modern science has confirmed that only A2 milk (milk of indigenous breeds) is fit for consumption; it has decried the milk from hybrid cows as white poison – milky monster!

Curiously enough, these revelations and pronouncements have come from the scientists of the same land where these milk-machines were invented! Keith Rutherford, a scientist from New Zealand, the capital of cross breeds has, in his book titled ‘Devil in the Milk’, discussed threadbare along with scientific evidence how the milk has turned into poison.



New Zealand, which exports 35% of milk needed by the world, has surrendered to our indigenous breeds; but Bharat has subjected about 74 million cows to artificial insemination this year; targets to artificial insemination of 100 million cows in the coming year!

Bharat has already lost most of its indigenous breeds; we wish and hope our rulers-bureaucrats wake up before everything is lost!

#Blunder~2: Regularly feeding the cows with poisonous fodder

Effect: Poison made its way into milk, which is our food!

Earth is the Source of fodder and water for cows. The poison which we feed earth goes into the body of cows through fodder and water. As the saying goes, ‘we reap what we sow’, poison makes its way into our bodies from the bodies of cows! Owing to poisonous farming the fields which were supposed to be enriching are becoming endangering! Milk and food become poisons!

We remember a line from great Kannada poet Kuvempu which means, “Will not the cow curse you? Will not the milk and food you consume become poison, Oh Sinner!?”

Genetically modified seeds are other face of fodder imbalance. Case in point is BT Cotton. Doesn’t the milk get produced from the fodder cows consume? When the fodder is genetically modified how can the milk be natural?

Indigenous breeds of cows are exceptions to this. They can retain the poisons they consume and provide us with nectar, like Lord Shiva! Details of a magnificent experiment made by Rajiv Dixit on this are here.

#Blunder ~3: Giving artificial fodder to cows:

Effect: Ill health for cows and humans.

The fodder we give to cows today is not as per her needs, it is as per our needs! Bottom line is, cow can give us quality milk only when we provide her the fodder she needs. Often our anxiety for more milk results in spoiling the life of the cow as well as our own health.

In western countries they feed meat to the cows which are purely herbivorous! Their great logic is to make the cow grow fat and give more milk. When remnants of sheep meat were fed to cows in England it resulted in countless cows becoming prey to Mad Cow Disease (MCD)! Subsequently lakhs and lakhs of such cows had to be massacred!!

#Blunder~4: Injecting cows with oxytocin hormones to cows with a view to get more milk, regardless to the fact whether cows likes it or not:

Effect: Each time the cow has to undergo labor pains; hormones in the bodies of those who consume too are affected!


When the calf puts its mouth on its udder, natural reaction of the cow is to let down the milk to its udder; injecting oxytocin hormones is most inhuman way of artificially achieving this result! It is used in humans to induce labor pain when it does not come naturally. As there is no chance for the calf to be near its mother in hybrid cows, this demon does the trick! Same injection is used to increase the milk yield in such breeds. To avoid the hassle of getting a veterinary doctor time and again, farmers get the medicine from the market and inject it on their own at their will.

Poor thing! Cowshed is like everyday slaughter which gives unbearable pain in kidneys and wombs of the cows just for the sake of letting down the milk!

Solids and fluids are required to be in right proportions in any animal being. If only a constituent of the whole – whether it is milk or any other part -, is artificially increased, it is sure to create an imbalance in the whole body. The imbalance created in cow’s body is certain to reach our body through milk! Keeping this in mind, the country should discard the principle of “more milk-more money” and adapt the philosophy of “Quality over Quantity”.


#Blunder~5: Milking the cow and selling the milk to dairy during the last weeks of pregnancy and initial weeks post delivery:

Effect: Major imbalance in the hormones of those who consume such milk; unnatural growth in females; increase of feminine features in males!


Origin of this problem is Estrogen. This hormone ensures stability in pregnancy. This will be in high quantity on the last stages of pregnancy and it remains in cow’s body even during the initial ten days post delivery of calf. Milk produced during this period should strictly be avoided for this reason. If such milk is used, estrogen enters our body through milk causing serious imbalances and mysterious health problems. Indigenous breeds stop giving milk within 2-3 months of pregnancy. Hence such problem does not exist in the case of indigenous breeds. Owing to the ill-conceived experiments of humans hybrid cows continue to give milk till the end; farmers keep selling them to dairy; we keep consuming it!

Even in indigenous breeds Estrogen is present in the first ten days post delivery of calf. Such milk is good for health of the calf, but bad for humans. For the same reason, our ancestors brought into practice the system of not using the milk of cows for the first ten days. It is the most scientific method! Those who speak about banning superstition should open both their eyes and have a close look at this custom!


Words are not enough to describe the series of blunders made by humans, who have destroyed the entire race of Kamadhenu, poisoned the milk given by her – this space too cannot hold those words. In the next part we shall see more gruesome blunders committed by man.

Those who drink milk should read without fail




Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji.

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