When Swami Vivekananda went to USA, a lady asked him to marry her.

When Swami asked the lady about what made her ask him such question.

The lady replied that she was fascinated by his intellect.

She wanted a child of such an intellect.

So she asked Swami, whether he could marry her and give a child like him.

He said to that lady, that since she was attracted only by his intellect, there is no problem.

“My dear lady, I understand your desire.

Marrying and bringing a child into this world and understanding whether it is intelligent or not takes very long time.

Moreover it is not guaranteed. Instead, to fulfill your desire immediately, I can suggest a guaranteed way.

Take me as your child. You are my mother. Now your desire of having a child of my intellect is fulfilled.”

The lady was speechless.

Only great souls like Swami Vivekananda can conceive such a spontaneous sensible response without getting upset or emotional !

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