“Use when you please; trash when you are tired!”


It is not non-duality or duality or such other philosophy; it not Bhagavadgita, Quran or Bible; what rules the world today is this wretched culture of use & throw! There is no meaning for emotions, no place for sympathy and no meaning for relationships!


A hundred thousand Indians have already lost their jobs; according to estimates every coming years will see about two hundred thousand people losing their jobs! This process is known as “lay off” which mean those three words: Use and Throw


Recent news reports on layoff

Is it not sad? When they are young they studied like bookworms, earned degrees, they somehow managed to secure a job in the lottery market called ‘interview’, slogged  till they bogged down for the employer whom they have never encountered; and won’t their heart break when finally one fine day they are told to “Get Lost”!? Won’t Mother India heave a sad sigh and exhale heavily if life support of hundreds of thousands of Indians is suddenly and ruthlessly snatched?


This is one view, which is general Let us look from the other angle: there is no harm which does not have a hidden good. It is true here too. If the Indians who have lost their jobs in India return to Bharat to become Bharatiyas, there is nothing else which can bring more happiness

to Mother Bharat!


What does ‘returning from India to Bharat mean? Are they not one and the same?


Absolutely not! They are not just different; they are enemies of each other as light and darkness;  India is alien land within Bharat; Bharat is our own country which is dying a slow death every minute by being swallowed by India!


This hatred has a history of centuries. India is the remnant of East India Company, which triggered a cruel onslaught on Bharat, which infiltrated into Bharat in the name of trade to slaughter the self esteem from us! Should we discard the name given by our parents and continue donning the name given by thieves who poached our homes!!??


Note the origin of the name ‘India’ – Persians who came to India saw Sindhu River. Their language which doesn’t have the phonic sound “S” converted Sindhu to ‘Hindush’; that became ‘Indus’ in Greek and “Indi” in olden English; in today’s English it is ‘India’! Let English call us with that name, or with any other name; but what is wrong with us who have retained this absurdity even after seven decades of independence!?


Traditionally our country has its own name. ‘वर्षं तत् भारतं नाम भारती यत्र संतति:’. ‘Bharat’ is the original name of our country. The name is significant not just in literal sense, it is significant in spiritual sense too!


‘Bha’ means light; those who always engage (‘rata’ in Sanskrit) in light, those who always revel and relax inner light are ‘Bharatas’. Their progeny is Bharati People; their culture is ‘Bharatiya Culture’. To present it differently, in the life and culture of that nation which has attained great synergy in ‘Bhaava-Raaga-Taala’ (Emotions, Melodies and Meter) or mind-words-body, that nation is Bharat.

Why are we still clinging to India leaving the name Bharat which is closer to ultimate truth, which represents the greatness of this country which is supreme in the world and culture which is a continuous source of knowledge?


It is fine to hang oneself in the banyan tree planted by his one’s father, but one should not build an altar and offer prayers before the venomous tree planted by one’s enemies!


Irony is, Constitution of our country has sown the seeds of this ambiguity in its very first part by saying “India, that is Bharat”! It has spread across the nation like a contagious disease! The dual between India and Bharat is on throughout the nation! Metros represent India. Life in metros is British; their tongue is English! There dhoti is rare, tilak is a misfit and braid and bangles are outdated! But suit- boot-coat-tie and other western distortions which are not worth a mention here gel perfectly there!


Bharat is in villages. Bharatiyata still has retained breath there! But Bharat called aroma of village life is depleting day in and day out; India is gaining in strength. Towns are getting a tan while villages are vanishing! Remnant of villages are turning into towns.


Plight of Bharatiyata (Being Bharatiya) has come to a stage where if you come to the towns and cities with Bharatiya costumes or hairdo you will be mocked and laughed at! In Bharat (that is villages) parents are not ready to marry their daughters off to persons living with Bharatiyata! For the same reason there are no takers for art and education of Bharat; no one is ready to indulge in agriculture, the root of food; family deities find solace in storerooms; rituals are rusting; tradition, the soul of the nation, has dilapidated!


Youth are heading to India (towns and cities) in search of greener pastures of MNC jobs; doors of houses are getting closed one by one; villages are vanishing; earth is getting barren; our unique culture is covering itself with cobwebs!


Closure of a house means curtains to a culture!


Metros are modern and western; villages are olden and traditional; they are immortal! We are losing our original source in the mad pursuit of modern and western! What we are getting in return is a deformed life style devoid of past, future and purpose! Cities with their growth and influence are destroying the past memories Bharat represented by its villages; they are also destroying its future with the help of environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources!

Roots of this series of destructions is in the MNC jobs and love of city life. We should have come out of it on our own; if that were to happen by way of layoffs so be it. Let the saying “anything that happens, happens for good” acquire significance. If these foreign companies set our educated youth free from the servitude of jobs it will be a blessing in disguise for Bharat! That would be freedom from servitude, force to the nation!


Educated youth!  Let layoff be a challenge. Accept it as an opportunity to return to Bharat and Bharatiyata. Send the external masters off with a salute!


Return to the villages to build a new life! Fill the empty bosom of Bharat! Let your journey from India to Bharat herald a welcome shift in the path of the nation!


Remember! What you are shedding is external dependency; what you are gaining is long lost self sufficiency! Your return is to your native place; your native roots! From the pity of city to the antidote of your natural habitat! From a pity called city which is a place where breath is venom, green is just a dream, real ground is beyond recognition, capital of daily massacre of nature to the heaven called sylvan homes, to real RamRajya!


Villages are less expensive; but quality of life far superior!

Quantity of money needed is lesser; but Quality of life is greater!


Servitude of indigenous cows is superior to service in MNC Companies!

Instead of serving an unseen employer, glued to the monitor from morning to midnight with gratitude and living your life like machine, live under the roof called sky, on the surface called earth, amidst life and water, where greenery cheers you, where normalcy is natural, where pretence is non-existent, where you are your own boss!

Villages has our roots; clean water; real earth; real joy; breath sans poison; grandeur of  greenery; to top it all, it has the real contentedness of living with our people in our villages!

At the risk of repetition, “branch which has broken from the roots won’t breath; branch which has not broken from the root won’t bend!”


Somehow we don’t want to end this write-up in a gloom; before we wind up we will voice an omen which augurs well for tomorrow; true, gulping the culture and self esteem of Bharat India is growing, but Bharat too has started to grow again; in the form of rejuvenation of self esteem, hunger for originality; as a silent revolution is the heart of millions and millions of Bharatiya people.


While growth of India is external and concrete visions; growth of Bharat is within and as abstract emotions.


Bharat will have the last laugh; because growth within is true growth!



Success stories of those who have returned to the roots:

(Courtesy:  Prastuti Vibhaga, SriRamachandrapuraMatha)



(There are more..)




Way to wisdom:-

उत्तरं यत्समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणम्।
वर्षं तद्भारतं नाम भारती यत्र सन्तति:।।

The land north of the seas and south of Himalayas is Bharat; people there are called Bharatiya.


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