Has anyone missed the recent evil eye or bragging by the Karnataka Government that they will take the Mathas under their control!?

We strongly oppose the move to take Mathas under governmental control; we wish and hope for a day when the light of advice from Mathas guide the governments of our land.

After all, what is a Matha? It is a centre of confluence of Master~Disciples (Guru~Shishyas); there is no role for third person there; certainly not for the government! If the king were to come to Matha, he could do so as disciple, not as king! That is what we have emphasized in the title to this article, “Bring Mathas under government control? Subject government to the control of Mathas instead!”.

As Rama had Vasista, Shivaji had Ramadasa, Hakka-Bukka had Vidyaranya, king should be under the supervision of a Guru! Where is the path without a preceptor? Where is the goal without the path?

A boat has to float on water; water should not flow into the boat! Boat on water is normal; water inside the boat is a peril! Water always flows downward; and so does politics! It is characteristic of a boat to protect people from being washed away in the flood and to take them to the safety of the bank; same is the characteristic of dharma too!

There should be Dharma in politics, without it politics will become a menace of injustice; Ravana rule will prevail! Politics entering Dharma will be equal to water entering into the boat!

While it is the responsibility of the government to look after roads and lights, it is the duty of Mathas to make the journey through the inner path and to see that light within, which lights up our lives, is not doused. This being so, it is clear that the government and Mathas operate in completely different planes. Mathas operate in the world within; government operates in the world outside.

Inner and outer environments must be constructive to each other, not destructive. A body without the inner light will just be a corpse; just as the inner essence without the presence of the body will mean it is a spirit! When a soul is settled in a body it provides the strength and substance to the human; when sovereign surrenders to the spiritual it provides strength and substance to the nation! Sovereign connotes power, spirituality connotes light – it is a captivating display of power and light when they play in tandem for the welfare of the world!

Mathas of our land have not only been doing their duties but also have been striving with mammoth initiatives which governments are required to undertake but have failed to do so! How many educational facilities! How many schools providing free educations! How many deeds of benefactions of food! How many health facilities! How many virtuous deeds to wipe the tears of poor and the weak, destitute and the distressed ones! How many huge projects to save nature, to wipe off poverty!


Governments have never been a boon to Mathas in anyway; on the contrary they turned out to be banes for the noble deeds they do.

Oh Rulers, votes of the citizens pedal your passage to the throne; their hard earned money is the cradle for your lavishness! Whatever you are today, it is because of citizens! Speak out the truth- what is the good you have done, or you are doing to them? We know for sure, having snatched some and stolen much wealth from them, you don’t have an answer to this!

We shall articulate the complete essence of your work in two sentences. Ask your conscience whether it is true or not: “Not doing what has to be done; certainly doing what should not to be done!”

“I shall rather become a corpse than becoming your captive” – these are the words of valour by Sita to Ravan, when he tried to exploit her! Pontiffs have to repeat today the words of Maa Sita, to government Ravans who cross the Lakshman Rekha of Dharma and embark on taking over the Mathas!

Oh ruling demons, which hide behind the drape of governments and smoulder the society, don’t place your sinful hands on Mathas! You would become pure and, the land a welfare state, by placing Guru’s ambrosial hands on your head, who burn as camphor in the lamp called Matha to live a life of lending light to the world!



Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji

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