Oh Mother……………!
Lakshmi Bai, Queen of Jhansi……………!


If we were to call out your name today one who answers will be God himself! Because you have attained the form of God; by becoming one with the Omnipotent, you have been blessed with the biggest bounty of God.

That is the shield you have won for your sacrifice!


द्वाविमौ पुरुषौ लोके सूर्यमंडलभेदिनौ।

परिव्राट् योगयुक्तश्र्च रणेचाभिमुखो हत:।। (Bhagavadgita 15/15)

Only two kinds of lives are capable of piercing through the solar system to reach the final destination beyond that; an ascetic who discards his physical body in the supreme state of yoga is one; a warrior who fights for truth without retreating in the battle of life and death and makes the ultimate sacrifice is the other! A warrior attains through sacrifice what a Yogi attains through penance!

Oh brave lady! You have achieved great things even in your death; in the battle for truth you fought without retreating even when surrounded by death in the form of ‘white skinned – black hearted’ enemies; you sacrificed the body gifted by God for the good of God’s land! When you refused to show your back to the enemies in the fight for truth God showed himself to you!!

“A human being joins and becomes one with what he remembers in the last moments before he leaves his body”

 ~ Bhagavadgita


You are believed to have breathed your last chanting the name of Vasudeva, who pronounced the above words, it is said that in the electrifying moments of liberation the twelve lettered mantra (Dwädashäksharï Mantra) “ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय” came out of your lips! They say ‘greatness of a divine soul is visible in the way he departs’; in spite of living among us, the manner of your departure proved you are in a higher pedestal than each one of us!

One in a billion lives is destined to depart with such a divine end!

You are as virtuous as River Ganga! You were born on the banks of Ganga – in SriKashi; the name given to you by your parents was ‘Manikarnikä’; which too means ‘Ganga’’! Your end was in the Matha of Ganga Dasaji; and last drop of water on your mouth was GangaJal! Ganga, who was flowing close by at the time of your birth flowed into you at the time of your death; while Ganga was moving down within you, you were moving up to the final destination of all lives; the lotus feet of the lord from where River Ganga takes her birth; Ganga is the prologue and epilogue of the saga of your life!


Tell us the truth: who really are you?

Admit it! Are you not the original Manikarnikä who took this birth out of her sympathy to the sufferings of the sons of BhäratMäta!

Liberation leaves three labels:

  • Liberation is when one sacrifices his life wounded by enemy warfare in the battlefield while fighting for truth,.
  • Liberation is when holy water of Manikarninka makes its way to the mouth at the moment of death.
  • Liberation is when the physical frame is forsaken while chanting His name.


What suspicion remains as to where did you head after your death!? Liberation is the benefaction by God for your ultimate sacrifice for the liberation of the nation! You chose to become a dead body by daring death instead of being caught alive by enemies! While your tiny kingdom was conquered by the white, you conquered the vast land of liberation! In your spirited struggle to swim across the sea of spiteful soldiers you sailed past the sea of sentient life to the sacred shore of salvation! By boosting bravery in the bosoms of billion Bharatiyas you became eternal on earth too.

 Acharya Shankara, who revived the eternal way of life (Sanatan Dharma) and Bharatiya culture sparkled on earth only for 32 years; Swami Vivekananda, the spirited sage who propagated the greatness of Bhärat Mäta around the globe, lived only for 38 years; and you lived for 29 years!

A life which vibrates for virtues, cares for the country and finally dies for it is worth living even if it is just for 29 years rather than living a life worse than death for 92 years!


“में अपनी झांसी नही द्ंगी” – “I will never give up the mother land!”

“विदेषियों की गुलामी में रहिबो अच्छो नहीं है, उनसे लडको अच्छो है!” – “it is better to die fighting the white than accepting defeat and their servitude”

Your above two statements are the sacred mantras in patriotism!

‘न पुनरावर्तते’ – Vedas declare that the souls who are liberated will never return to earth; but even today, every day and any day our country yearns for mothers with steely nerves who can jump from the fort sitting on a horse while their twelve year old son is tied to their back!

Our country needs today, every day and any day Manikarnikas who can sweep the enemies within and outside the country with the sway of their swords, just the way River Ganga sweeps the sins of the souls through the streams of her water!

We need as ornaments on the heads of Bharatiyas today, every day and any day the dust particles from the feet of those sacred warrior women who manage to meditate on the MahaMantra to migrate to the seat of liberation even as their bodies are bruised beyond recognition from the enemy’s assault and life is ebbing away with the seepage of blood reminiscent of the flood of River Ganga!


Oh valiant daughter of Bhärat Mäta…

Descend on Bharat once again so that the country can climb to the exalted position she richly deserves; come to get Bharatiyas rid of their amnesia; clear the clog created by the western enemies for thousands of years..

Because, Bhärat Mäta needs such mothers today, every day and any day…!


Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji.

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