One should wait for the right time for things to materialize; because things don’t happen till the opportune time arrives! It so happens many a time that things happen on their own without we actually doing anything about it; if the time is not ripe, things don’t happen however hard we try!


We can till the land, sow the seeds; nurture it with water and manure; all this is possible through human effort. But the sprout within the seed will come out only at an opportune moment; we can’t pull it out! There is no other way but to wait in such situations! When the time comes, sprout comes out – whether you like it or not – breaking the husk of the seed. What is required of us is patience till it happens..


Dasharatha’s patience to wait for the right time matched the intensity of his yearning for offspring. So, he didn’t pose the question to Rushyashrunga “when will the Yagjna (fire sacrifice) start?” the moment he stepped in to the kingdom; also, he did not shy away from asking when the time was ripe!


Many days after Rushyashrunga’s arrival, after the sprint had set in, within Dasharatha a bell started to sound, “Now! Now!!”!

That was a call, call of time, call of good time!

That was an inspiration; that was the second time Dasharatha had an inspiration regarding AshvamedhaYajna! First time it was for the task to be performed – “PERFORM Ashvamedha” Now it was about the time, “Perform Ashvamedha NOW


Sovereign sauntered on to the Sage as the desire to solemnize the sacrifice surfaced in his subconscious. After having pleased the ever pleased godly Sage through pleasant words and befitting godly treatment, the King prayed before him, “Kindly lead the performance of Ashvamedha Mahayaga to ward off the eclipse that has cast the shadow of childlessness to the future of Sun Dynasty.”  There was no question of rejection by the seer; in fact he too wished to do the same; he was waiting for the moment! That was the purpose of his arrival to Ayodhya! What more? That was the purpose of his arrival on earth! Wasn’t the descent of Rushyashrunga for the descent of Lord Raama!?

Rushyashrunga was thrilled from head to toe with the thought of achieving the purpose of his very birth; without he realizing it, the words, “So be it” flowed from his mouth!


Happiness of the Sage has wider implications:

It was not a good deed for the benefit of one individual or one family; the good was not even limited to a place or a kingdom; he knew completely well that the Yaga he was about to perform had the potential of doing good to every single life, to entire world! That is the reason why the words of non-duality “So+be+it” readily darted from his divine face when Dasharatha asked to accompany him to Ayodhya then, and when Dasharatha prayed for performing Ashvamedha Yaga now!


While mind of Dasharatha indulged the delight of having received the assent of the sage for the Yaga, three instructions from the Supreme Seer stirred him:


  • “There is no attainment without acting towards it; prepare for the Yaga rightaway.”
  • “Where is Ashvamedha without a horse doing the rounds? Worship and let loose a horse which is endowed with the supreme characteristics befitting Ashvamedha”
  • “Even the land should be fortunate to be suitable for the Yaga; finalize a suitable land north of River Sarayu”


Which land is fortunate for what? At what point in time? Only Raama knows!

Northern bank of Sarayu was fortunate for the Yaga; but southern bank was more fortunate! It was fortunate to have a sacred soul in its lap. Eyes of the residents of Ayodhya were mighty blessed too!





Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji

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