Shree Bharathi Vidyapeetha,Badiadka, P.O Peradala 671551

National Institute of Open Schooling (Basic)

Recognized by Govt of Kerala.

G.O (Rt) No.2596/2003/G.Edn, dated. Thiruvananthapuram, 7.7.2003


In 1997, at Badiadka, a remote village of Kasaragod District of Kerala State, a primary school was started. From a rented old building to the newly constructed building complex at own spacious land, the school is developing very fast with all modern facilities.

Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji is visiting the school regularly and giving guidences.


  • Education is in Kannada Medium.
  • English, Hindi, Sanskrit are taught.
  • Panchamukhee Shikshana-Yoga, Music, Samskrit, Shareerik, Drawing.
  • Special Individual Development Training programmes.
  • Computer Education.
  • To Enhance Patriotism, regular programmes are conducted in the memory of different freedom fighters.
  • River Journeys, Swimming, Adventure Camps, Sahawasa Shibiras etc are conducted now and then.
  • Yakshagana, Music, Dance Classes are giving encourage in folk art to the students.
  • School starts daily with Prayer, Dhyana and Omkara-gives concentration to students.
  • Every moth ‘Teachers-Parents Meet’ to have open discussion on student’s development.
  • Seminars on children education to the Parents.
  • Irrespective of Caste & Religion, admission is open to all.


  • Education is not only learning to read and write. All-round development is actual learning.
  • Teach Students to live on their legs.
  • Really we should ‘Brain Wash’ our children. That means we should clean their mind which is adulterated with foreign culture.
  • Shree Rama, Shree Krishna, Hanuman Should be the role models for our Students.
  • With education to the child, we should educate every house thereby whole society.


  • In S.S.L.C 100% result from the beginning.
  • We completed successful three batches.
  • They know how to releases their stress and always joyfully.
  • Taking risks and communicating smoothly to reach their goal. (Human relation)
  • Participating District and State level Competition and also coming 1st and 2nd Places.
  • Every year we are conducting Yogotsava and Student’s Day Celebration.
  • High school students are able it communicate in English.


  • Upgrade up to +2 with sufficient infrastructure.
  • Peaceful atmospheric campus.

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