An episode in the Ramayana illustrates how even if we
remember God once, He purifies our minds.
After Ravana abducted Seetha from Panchavati, he imprisoned
her in Ashokavana. Ravana tried very hard to win her heart
and hand. His servants took Seetha around Lanka to impress
her on the wealth of the kingdom. Ravana offered gold,
diamond and all the riches of the land at her feet. He was
ready even to serve her as a slave, if she agreed to become
his own. Yet, Seetha did not yield.

Ravana was furious. He ordered that Seetha be cooked for
his breakfast the next day.
At this juncture, a close friend of Ravana advised him:
“Ravana, Seetha’s love for Rama cannot be wiped away.
The only way to win her is to approach her in the guise of

Ravana replied: “Friend, I thought of this plan much earlier. I
remembered Rama with the intention of assuming his form.
The very moment, the desire to possess Seetha disappeared
from my mind and noble thoughts began to flood. I had to
give up the plan.”

When an evil minded person like Ravana remembered Rama
once, with a wicked intention, he began to experience a
positive change.

Shall we too enshrine the divine form of Rama in our hearts
and attain purity?

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