You might have seen a curtain in the sanctum sanctorum
of a temple. The priest draws the curtain aside, waves the
lamp in front of the deity and helps us to see the image of
God. What is the meaning of this ritual?
Our heart is the sanctum sanctorum where God resides. Mâya
or the curtain of illusion hides Him from our vision. Like the
priest at the temple, the compassionate Guru draws aside
the curtain of illusion, lights the lamp of knowledge and
reveals God to us.
One may wonder how a small piece of cloth can hide a
powerful entity like God. Usually, a big object hides a small
one. But sometimes a tiny cloud can hide the sun, a huge
ball of fire. A small finger in front of our eyes hides a big
mountain from our vision. Similarly, mâya, can hide the all
powerful God from us.

What is mâya?
Mâya is the ignorance which hides the vision of God. It is the
enticing illusion called the world and we get attached to that
Mâya is like the waves in the ocean. Waves are born of the
ocean, they reside in the ocean, and finally become one with
Similarly mâya is an aspect of God. It is born of Him, it is in
Him, it reveals its handiwork through Him and finally merges
in Him.
The curtain of illusion plays an important role in the drama
of human life. Usually, on the stage, when the curtain lifts,
the play begins and when the curtain falls the play ends. But
in human life, when the curtain of mâya falls, the drama
begins. We forget God, we forget our true home and act
out this life. When finally with the help of a true Guru the
curtain of mâya is lifted, we are blessed with the vision of
God and the drama of human life ends.

Only a Guru who has conquered illusion can draw aside the
curtain of mâya and reveal the true form of God to us.

Shall we keep our inner eyes and hearts open for the arrival
of such a Sadhguru?

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