A lazy gardener neglects his garden and the weeds grow
luxuriously, consuming the manure and water meant for the
crops. A good gardener, on the other hand, inspects his garden
regularly, removes the unwanted weeds and sees that the
manure reaches the crops. Such a gardener reaps a good

Human life is like a garden. The crops we have to cultivate
are the good qualities and the weeds we have to remove are
the bad qualities.
Unfortunately, in today’s life of pleasures, the good qualities
are lost and the bad qualities grow fast. Life is no longer
beautiful. How to make it beautiful?

Just as a gardener inspects his garden regularly, we too must
introspect and observe our lives from time to time.

After the completion of a day’s work, just before we retire to
bed, we should set aside some time for self review. We should
ask ourselves this question:

“Am I leading a life similar to that of an animal or that of a
noble person?”

If we identify base animal qualities in us, we must weed
them out one by one and then good qualities, like fragrant
flowers, will bloom in us.

A day has both light and darkness; a rose plant has the flower
and the thorn; a lake has the lotus and the mud; likewise a
human being is a blend of good and bad qualities. If a person
has only evil in him, he is a demon. If he has only goodness,
he is divine. When there is a mixture of good and bad, he is

Human life is a threshold. One may move from humanity to
divinity or may descend to become a demon.

Let us move towards divinity.

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