#Tattva_Bhagavatam, a special discourse based on the principles of Bhagavatam: 


भागवत रसं आलयं पिबत: Drink the Bhaagavata until dissolution. Savour Bhaagavata again and again, savour it deeply.

Tattva Bhaagavatam

It isn’t enough if we just be with God, we should involve with him. It isn’t enough if we just involve, we should merge with him.
3 stages:
To touch is to be with.
To dive deep is to involve.
To dissolve meaning losing our identities, to completely merge, to become one with it.
We should be with, involve and merge. We should hear Bhaagavata at its depth for that. The world ‘Aalaya’ is used to indicate that we should hear completely. Drink the Bhaagavata until the mind merges with the divine.

It is not only with the divine or Bhaagavata; but anything should be seen deeply and completely from all angles.

Poet Bharavi says: Nothing should be done in haste.
Senselessness is the base of adversity. Fortune follows him who does anything after proper analysis.

It is not only Bharavi’s opinion but also our experience that nothing should be decided without looking into it deeply.

Bharavi was a poet from the early ages and he was praised by all. But his father who was a great scholar would find mistakes in his poetry everytime. Raged by this, Bharavi senselessly planned to drop a stone on him. Bharavi heard his parents’ conversation when he climbed the maintop to drop the stone.

Bharavi’s father said that Bharavi was hundred times better than him in poetry. He was pointing to the mistakes so that his poetry would excel. Bharavi was shocked to hear this.

Bharavi, frustrated about himself for planning to trouble his father who was his well wisher, confessed to his father and asked for punishment. Father asked him to stay in his father-in-law’s house for 6 months as punishment. When Bharavi arrived at his father-in-law’s house, they warmly welcomed his unexpected arrival. As days passed, the hospitality decreased. After some days, when he was completely ignored, Bharavi understands his father’s punishment.

Bharavi framed this Subhashita being in such situation: Don’t do anything in haste. One should have sense. One should dive deep, look from all angles and then act upon it.

Stop. Think. Proceed. One should stop, look into the matter deeply and then continue.
One has to have a deeper vision and then take a sensible decision in life’s all situations.
All spiritual rules are very useful in the worldly life too; they are of great use in our day-to-day affairs.

Many mishaps in life can be avoided if we think in a deeper perspective and if we step forward knowingly.
If we see it from the other angle: if we dive deep in only one arena, we can have proficiency in it.

One life should be dedicated to only one knowledge form. We should contemplate on it day and night. If we be with it in such a way, it will definitely yield to us. We can obtain completeness in it.

Bhaagavata’s “Aalayam” word has been used in the context of ‘dive deep’ too.

TattvaBhaagavatam a special discourse by Sri Sri RaghaveshwaraBharathi Mahaswamiji: full Video :

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