#Tattva_Bhagavatam, a special discourse based on the principles of Bhagavatam: 

Today, the discourse is about a great king, he who controlled Kali with the blessings of Lord Krishna! He is King Parikshita. He was the successor of Dharmaja and ruled for 60 years.

Kali entering the kingdom of Parikshita led Parikshita to start thinking about how to control Kali.

Sri Sri..

The answer to the problems of war loving Kshatriyas lies in their arrows.

Raghu Chakravarthi once performed Vishwajidyaaga which led him to donate everything of his to worthy Brahmanas and this was the procedure of this yagna. Knowing this procedure, a Brahman named Koutsa came to Raghu at the end of the yagna to ask for 8000 gold coins. Seeing Raghu welcome him with earthen vessels, Koutsa realised that Raghu had donated everything and hence decided to return. However, Raghu insisted otherwise and requested to give him a night’s time. Raghu thought about this the whole night only to decide about going North to fight Kubera and get the required gold coins. To his surprise, on the same night, the treasury of Raghu got filled with gold coins and later in the morning, Raghu gave Koutsa with what he had asked for.

It’s not a trait of great people to deny what is being asked for.

The real Kshatriyas are those who even make the impossible to be possible through their arrows.

It’s not an easy job to check Kali. Even Duryodhana was an incarnation of Kali in Dwaparayuga. While it was difficult to confront Kali even then, how easy can it be to suppress him now, in Kaliyuga?

Imagine a flood of ocean; how valiant one must be to swim against it. While Dharmaraja himself left the world to avoid contact with Kali, Parikshita held his bow and climbed his cart to travel the world and find Kali.

He was waiting to fight Kali and he was happy as he got an opportunity. Parikshita was unaware of what the Pandavas achieved when they were alive. But now he was listening to various stories about Krishna and Pandavas and people singing the glory of them. He was happy for the way devotion to Krishna was being spread.

Parikshita is a child made by Krishna. Krishna had served Pandavas in many ways; he worked for them, he served like a servant as Vithala did in the house of potter Gora. But the Pandavas didn’t understand it. Arjuna expresses his guilt during the teaching of Bhagavad-Gita, he cries a lot as “Krishna! I looked you like a friend, called you in what not names, I didn’t recognise your glory at all. I didn’t know whether I was eligible for that too. Now I am coming to know your greatness.”

Many a times God will be standing in front of us in some form, but still invisible to us. But after sometime when others say about it, we feel sad for not being able to recognise him. After traveling the world, we feel that our native is the best. Parikshita gave away anything they wished, who narrated the stories of Krishna. He would feel so happy as Krishna was his primary root. Though born in Uttara’s womb, isn’t it Krishna who refilled life into the dead infant Parikshita by his magical touch of his feet? Hence Krishna is the true mother and father. A branch should never get separated from the root; it would wither away. The life force flows from the root, so the root should never be forgotten. Forgetting the ancestors forbids the upliftment of the soul.

Parikshita, who was traveling in search of Kali reached the eastern bank of river Saraswati; he saw a violent scene. A white bull and a cow were there. The bull had only one leg while the other three had been cut. Also, that remaining leg had been attacked repeatedly. They were deprived of fodder and water. Next to them was a black man standing who had cruel reddish eyes, violent behaviour but in the dress of a king. He was troubling both the cattle. He was kicking the cow. Parikshita got raged. He lifted his bow and arrow to fight the man for performing such a cruel deed in front of him. Let us see who is that person tomorrow. He is not a common man, he is a great form of devil. What he was doing then is nothing but the present day’s situation of cow. Who was he? What was his capability? Is he Kali? Let us see further.

That which brings sorrow is Kali. That which inspires to do what should not be done, is Kali. Did Parikshita control Kali? – we will see further. But we should have control over Kali.

TattvaBhaagavatam a special discourse by Sri Sri RaghaveshwaraBharathi Mahaswamiji: full Video :

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