#Tattva_Bhagavatam, a special discourse based on the principles of Bhagavatam: 

Will the time change the king or will the king change the time? Is the king due to time or vice versa – this is a very old doubt. It has been answered then only. ‘King is responsible for the time’. Whatever happens, good or bad, king is responsible for it. If the king is good, so shall be the kingdom; if he is bad, the kingdom shall be spoilt. In present scenario, if a bad politician becomes the ruler, he spoils the state as much as possible in 5 years and it cannot be repaired even in 25 years. We have such examples in front of us.
Parikshita is an exception to it.
The whole system will be as the one who is sitting on the top.

Tattva Bhaagavatam

Controlling Kali is difficult in any time. Kali itself is a power which spoils the system. Dharma is the one which facilitates anything to be as itself. Kali is the one which spoils it.

Sun’s nature is illumination. It is its Dharma. It is Kali if it doesn’t light. For any substance to remain as itself, Dharma is the cause; any distortion seen is Kali.

Time alone is sufficient to spoil milk. If kept simply, it will be spoilt; even fruits are so. Dharma Purusha (God of Dharma) prevents it from spoilage. He is the one who found Kali, controlled him, made him surrender and arrested him in defined places.

Gambling has Kali’s presence in it. One who is addicted to it, loses everything and does what should not be done.
Alcohol, if consumed, becomes embedded in blood, muscles and finally oneself. If someone says that ‘I will drink in the night and sleep, so there is no harm’, it is baseless. He will be harbouring Kali and Kali eats him. His behaviour and identity will be spoilt.
In case of slaughterhouse, the sinful acts that happen cannot be described.

These all are described to warn us not to get trapped in them.
We are in the best time of Kaliyuga. We are only 5000 years from Parikshita. Even in Kaliyuga, there is a cycle of Kritayuga, Dwaaparayuga, Tretayuga and Kaliyuga. The Kaliyuga inside Kaliyuga is the worst.
If you ask “When change is the law of nature, why can’t we just adjust to it? Why need to stress on Dharma?”, we say “Will you eat a spoilt fruit saying spoilage is natural? Or will you eat any spoilt food? If you eat, then your question is fine”.
If we are in Dharma, the fruit is happiness. If we are with Kali, we reap a sorrow fruit. As we told yesterday, earth took the form of cow (Dhenu) and Dharma took the form of a bull (Nandi). Kali has kicked the earth and has made her cry. Everyone is a child to Mother earth; but they are good if they give happiness and they are bad if they spread sorrow.
Even let us all control Kali. If you ask whether you have to hold bow and arrow, no, not that. Let us repair ourselves; even if not at nation level, at least at our body level let us control Kali.

Be natural, be yourself- that is the gist. If we are correct, it itself is control of Kali. Anger and desire are required for everyone; but if used properly, if directed towards Krishna, they become means for liberation.
Desire of Gopis, fear of Kamsa, enmity of Shishupala- all became causes for liberation.
They say Raama had 9 rasas. “All others are right; but what about fear? ” Was Raama too afraid? “Yes, he feared sin” is the answer.
A king should have a stature. He should have anger required for that position; only then things will be done. During Raavan’s annihilation, Raama brings anger to himself. That is essential for the annihilation. Calmness or mercy will not work there.
Everything is of use in God’s creation. But it needs a control. We need to control at least in ourselves. We should imbibe Kritayuga in us. Whose heart has Govinda’s presence, it is Kritayuga for him even though it is Kaliyuga. In His absence, it is Kaliyuga even if it is Kritayuga.

Among the 108 Upanishads, the 107th one is Kalisantarana Upanishad. It contains the teachings of Brahma to Narada how to cross over Kali. According to it, a human can escape from Kali just by the recital of God’s name. Which is that name? That which we recite daily:
Hare Raama Hare Raama, Raama Raama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Contemplating on it, gradually Saloka (to be in God’s place), Sameepa (to be near to God), Saroopa (to attain the form of God) and Saayujya (to become one with God) are attained. There is no other better way than reciting His name, even if searched in Vedas.

Sit straight, keep your mind fixed. Forget everything, chant in bliss, peace, concentration.

Kings should protect women, children, cows and brahmanas. Men and society should protect women. Cows should be reared in a well organised way. Brahmanas who are rich in penance, keep the society good.

In Kaliyuga, they will have eye on others’ wives and properties. They come to power just to make money, that too from public property. They raise suddenly and vanish suddenly. Though kings ruled for hundreds of years, it is difficult for the present-day mind to accept it. This age has small lifespan, power, body size; everything starts diminishing here day by day.

If we read Raamayana, we can visualise those days. In those days, they have already written what will happen in the present day (Kaliyuga). Already certain things have come to light.

Control of Kali is very essential. It should be done personally, at home by head of the family, in town by head of town, in nation by the king, like Parikshita.
Do control Kali in the nation, give good governance. Don’t have limited or short vision, don’t think of elections, do real good for society, give what is required.

Our mind itself acts like Kali, we have to keep it properly.
After coming to power, act responsibly. It is your duty. Mind naturally provokes to do what should not be done; or it will be doing. We wash ourselves externally every day; who knows how much our inner mind has spoilt? Keeping the mind clean will naturally lead to keep the body also clean. Body also has to be kept in proper condition because it is an abode of God. But keeping the mind proper is highly important.

Today is Independence Day. Let us take hold of Kali and keep our mind clean. Let us too become Parikshitas, let us bring Kritayuga for ourselves.

There is a difference between freedom (Svaatantrya) and acting as per our wish (Svacchanda). Sva means self, tantra means system. Keep yourself systematic. The self has been in imprisonment, it has to be freed. Let our-ness spread across the nation. Let there be freedom in true sense.

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