Fed up of having ugly men sit on me; come out of your slumber when you elect your member, at least this time!

The system of which we are all part today is known as – democracy. Here citizen is the sovereign; the person who is being ruled in other systems gets to rule here! But one question that remains is – when will that happen? A chosen few ruling over us, as usual we being ruled by them – this is our present day experience; it is true selected few among us get to rule, but only a few! When will all citizens become sovereigns, or when will all citizens ‘join together’ to become sovereigns?


Some special days come once in a year; Ugadi comes only once in a year; Makara Sankranti comes only once in a year; if Dipavali comes, we have to wait for one more year for it to come again! The day all citizens become sovereigns is still scarce; usually it comes once in five years; that is to say, one day- only one day – in 1825 days we get to rule those who rule us! On all other days we are being ruled by those whom we have elected! That great day is the day of election!


In  a sense, it is not only a day of great significance, it is a mega benevolence too; usually a benevolent act results in the welfare of the giver; but when a vote is given with clear conscience and due consideration, it results in the good of the whole country! Usually giving something on charity will have their positive results on the giver; but there is no sin committed if something is not given on charity. But that is not the case with our vote; if it is not done – not done correctly – it results in the great sin of negligence of one’s duty! We will be cursed by Mother Bharat when she suffers in the hands of the wicked men who get elected due to our negligent act of not exercising our franchise!

In fact, a citizen doesn’t just become the boss on the day of voting; he becomes the supreme sovereign! If the person who rules the land is the boss, the person who decides who will rule the land is naturally the supreme sovereign! That is not all, on that day an ordinary mortal exhibits the signs of immortal divinity – he inculcates the characteristics of the Lord of the World! Aren’t protecting the wise and punishing the wicked duties of the Lord? On the day of election ‘Dharmadanda’ is on our fingertips! We can discard the devils with just a finger; we can hoist the honest to the height of the throne with just a finger – just like Lord Krishna lifted GovardhanaGiri!! 


But one thing: If we vote- and vote right – we can be the reason – for virtuous rule to the land – for the wellbeing of the entire people – for the recognition of our country in the world stage, our state in the national stage – for it to shine as RaamRajya. Similarly, if we don’t vote or if we don’t vote correctly, we will become the reason for the vice people to gain vice-like grip in power, spoiling the happiness of the people, demeaning the prestige of our state and country. Let us not be the fools to slip in to amnesia and spoil the great occasion which comes calling once in nearly two thousand days.


It is true for anything good! It is an instrument of great wellness if it is done properly; if not, it results in great fall! If we know the art of joining things, even bad things will not create bad to us; without it even good things can’t make us good! If used properly, fire is source of light! If not, light can be a source of ugliness!


कालो वा कारणं राज्ञ:, राजा वा कालकारणम्

इति ते संशयो मा भूत्, राजा कालस्य कारणम्।।


“Are you intrigued with the question as to whether a king gets spoiled due to the spoilage of time, or whether the time gets spoiled because of the king who is spoiled?  Don’t have a doubt; ruler is the reason for change in times to good and bad!”.



We are at a time when there are no kings; or where everyone is a king! We should not forget that next to the claim “we are kings” there is a caution, “we are the cause for the ripening or rotting of time”! We should never disrespect the election, which is the lifeline of democracy!


Our rulers are like us. We get served what we deserve! When we sell our votes for pittance to perverts we will be ruled by people who pledge the province for a price! If we  cast our vote based on caste considerations, we will get rulers who will divide us among castes to vitiate the peace in the entire society for their personal gains, those who believe ‘only our people are humans, others are just trash’!

Dear people of Karnataka! Oh children on the lap of Ma Bharat!

Not even a week is left for your coronation called election day!

Arise! Awake!! Come to your senses!

Due to our collective and careless voting, let not killers, cruel and cowards rule our land, which is as big as Himalayas in its might, as wide as River Ganga in its reach and as compassionate as River Kaveri in compassion!


Let the right people rule; let their rule be a reality; let the life of Bharatiyas shine! Let us trash those who are like an ugly smear on the forehead of mother Bharat, let us select those who fit like pearl studded crowns on the head of mother Bharat – Buvaneshwari!


Due to our bad choice, let us not be left with licking our wounds after these elections!





Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji

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