Drought is not normal for nature; rain is. When a sacred soul who has attained nature steps in to a place, nature will return to rainy natural self!

Drought denotes dearth of rain. Will dearth remain once the complete seer has arrived? Just the arrival of Rushyashrunga the scarcity in Angarajya got swept away from the eye-sight; rain which promises prosperity poured aplenty!

Class is a beehive of chaos when the teacher is not around; once the teacher makes an entry, everyone returns to his seat and everything returns to normal! Similarly, when a mighty master like Rushyashrunga just sets his feet, all the five elements return to their normal behavior! Nature sheds its artificiality and starts it natural chore of breast-feeding vitality to the living beings who are her children!

If we have to untangle to pleasant puzzle of Angarajya’s metamorphosis from being a furious fireball to a fortress of fertility just by the mere arrival of Rushyashrunga it will be like this!

……. this is how Sumanta elaborated threadbare the saga of arrival of Rushyashrunga to bring rain to Angarajya which was thirsty for a prolonged period of time.

“Oh Lord, this is the story of Rushyashrunga narrated by Sanatkumara in the previous era. He didn’t stop there, he went on to explain how Rushyashrunga would quench the craving of Kosala! These are the words of prophecy which the holy man perceived in a point in time in the past through his predictions about Ayodhya’s prospects:

‘Sacred Sage, a King by name Dasharatha will arrive in the Sun Dynasty in future. When the dynasty itself drives towards its demise without the King having any offspring, he would approach his soul-mate, the King of Angarajya. He would solicit the support of the King by sending his son-in-law to salvage the sinking Sun Dynasty. Dasharatha will explain ardently to his friend that the light from the sacrificial fire of Rushyashrunga would be the light which will beam on the Sun Dynasty in future.

 Feeling immensely touched by the words of Dasharatha, he would send Rushyashrunga to Ayodhya. Rushyashrna would arrive at Ayodhya and perform the holy fire ritual so that the King is blessed with offspring. As a result -not one but four sons, who will redefine the fortunes of the planet –will be born.

Dear Lord, lets proceed to Angarajya without delay; let’s surrender at the feet of Rushyashrunga who is residing there. Wellness of Ayodhya dwells in his feet! Time is now ripe for the new sunrise in Sun Dynasty! Let’s honour Rushyashrunga in every possible way; let Ayodhya bloom with his benevolence.”

Hearing the words of Sumantra was a pleasant shock for the King! ‘Sanatkumara had predicted that he will conduct Ashvaemedha to be blessed with offspring – which he was contemplating now – very long time ago! Not only that, he had already predicted who will conduct the rituals and what the result would be! The King was dumb with disbelief realizing the greatness of the vision of the sage who could see the incidents before they actually took place!

Dasharatha understood things correctly. Though he had made the oath of Asvamedha, it was not actually his! The affairs of his household have been discussed and decided over time and space! He was only an instrument!

Dasharatha decided to proceed towards Angarajya with complete entourage and accompaniment of essential accessories to surrender before Rushyashrunga. But, according to the tradition of Sun Dynasty, without the approval of Guru, the opinion of King does not get converted into an order.

Dasharatha sought permission from Sage Vasishtha, his traditional Guru, for proceeding to Rushyashrunga, the Guru who is going to salvage his race from the sufferings of childlessness.



Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji


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