Avadhootha is, “one who has given up everything.” Among
the jnânis, avadhoothas are on a high spiritual plane. Engrossed
in their own world of bliss, they are unconscious of the
existence of the outer world.

In Tamil Nadu, there lived a renowned avadhootha by name
Sadhashiva Brahmendra. Always engrossed in the bliss of the
Âtman, things of the material world did not matter much to
him. He ate whatever he got and went wherever his legs took

During one of his wanderings, Sadhashiva Brahmendra
happened to walk near the house of a nawab’s wife. The
avadhootha had no clothes on him. The nawab mistook the
intentions of the holy man, drew his sword and cut his right
hand . Blood poured out of his injured shoulder but the
avadhootha did not pay any attention to it and continued
walking as if nothing had happened.

The nawab was stunned. He ran behind the avadhootha and
begged his forgiveness. The holy man smiled gently and
touched the wound. The blood stopped gushing and the arm
became whole. The nawab fell at his feet and begged :

“Oh master, forgive me, unknowingly I hurt you. I too wish
to experience the bliss which is yours. Please show me the

Sadhashiva Brahmendra took pity on the nawab and instructed
him through one sentence:

“Do not yield to the desires of your mind.”
The avadhootha continued his journey.

The nawab felt like returning to his palace. He remembered
the words of the avadhootha and did not go to the palace.
After sometime, he felt like talking to someone. But he did
not talk. He wanted to eat something, but did not eat. Then
on, his life became a permanent battle with desires.
By and by his mind lost all desires and gained peace. In the
course of time, the mind lost the awareness of the outer world
and dwelt in the inner world of bliss. The nawab too became
an avadhootha.

Mind is like an ocean. Desires are the waves which originate
in the mind. An ocean disturbed by the waves cannot reflect
the beauty of the moon. Similarly, a mind filled with desires
cannot realize the blissful state of the soul.
If we wish to experience the bliss of the Âtman, we should
silence the mind.

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