#Tattva_Bhagavatam, a special discourse based on the principles of Bhagavatam: 


If you want to do anything in life, do it till you attain proficiency in it, do it in a complete sense, do it deeply. Don’t be a flicker minded – this is a lesson for life.

One should follow Panini to succeed.
Panini says “When a pitcher kept regularly on the stone structure around the well can corrode the stone then why can’t I become knowledgeable by constant hard work”


Panini carved a vidya rekha on his palm with stone as he had no vidya rekha on his palm. His Guru’s heart was melted by seeing his dedication and he showed Panini the way to penance.
Panini performed strict penance; impressed by his penance, Lord Shiva appeared before him and played his Damaru 14 times. This is the Shivasutra Jaala.
All the consonants, vowels are embedded in this, and the whole Sanskrit grammar is based on it.
Among all the languages of the world, only Sanskrit has the option of creating new words.
3983 formulae were formed in 8 chapters. This is the only base for all the other Shastras.

All these became a reality due to Panini’s concentration. We need Raama’s remembrance (the call “Hare Raama, Hare Krishna”) for us to achieve it.

The rocks in rivers will be in varieties of shapes. But no one would have carved it.
The rocks take shapes due to the constant flow of water. How come such a soft water can corrode hard rocks? It is due to constancy. With concentration, even water can corrode a rock.
If you want to succeed in life, stand firm in a worthy field. Life should not be like a spice box; hold on to one and stick to it forever.

God is present everywhere. If dived deep and touched its peak, any subject will take us to the divine realization.

Panini is an authoritative grammarian; he framed the Vyaakarana Shastra (rules of grammar) which does not have even a single useless letter.
He is the way to the world of all knowledge forms.
Let us prostrate to him.

What stays in life or comes in life, everything is God’s. He who offers all of them back to God, becomes contented. There is a saying in Kannada “Kereya neeranu kerege chelli” (pour the pond’s water back to the pond)


TattvaBhaagavatam a special discourse by Sri Sri RaghaveshwaraBharathi Mahaswamiji: full Video :

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