#Tattva_Bhagavatam, a special discourse based on the principles of Bhagavatam: 

While studying Bhaagavata, we have to get into it, dive into it. We have to drink its nectar until we dissolve in it.
There is no use if the mind is unstable.

Only few perform the paarayana (reading), many finishes it. Finishing is of no use. You have to immerse in it, you should not have a separate existence from it.

Tattva Bhaagavatam

Today’s example is about Mallinatha Suri. He has a great name in Sanskrit literature for writing commentaries. He has authored authoritative commentaries on all the works of Mahakavi Kalidasa.

Born in a rich and scholarly family, he was brainless by birth. Education did not hold his hands, Gurukula did not benefit him. He returned home; family got him married without revealing the secret.
His wife was a scholar, she did not expose his shortcomings. True wife doesn’t reveal her husband’s faults. When they had been to his in-law’s house, the palm leaves were being dried. Mallinatha pretended to read one of the scripts by holding it upside down. And at that point of time, when his foolishness got revealed, while everyone mocked at him, his wife rebuked him. He was disappointed when she said that there was no difference between him and a corpse. He left the house that night and vowed to return only after becoming a scholar.
Mallinatha went to Kashi where he pleaded a great scholar for knowledge. He had an entrance test there. He had to read and understand a work of that scholar.
The thing which he required was concentration; everything follows if concentration is achieved.
He returned within 2 days; he had thought digesting the book means to eat and digest it, and he had done so. The master was startled, he reprimanded Mallinatha and asked him to get out. But Mallinatha didn’t leave his master. He asked his master to take a challenge of uplifting him as there was no one to bring wisdom into the dull while any one could teach the bright ones. The master agreed to it. He instructed Mallinatha to stay in Gurukula and practice concentration. He asked his wife to serve Mallinatha neem oil in food, instead of ghee. This happened for many years but he was unaware of it. He was deeply immersed in studies. Finally, one day he told that it was bitter. The master’s wife served him another food and informed the master. The master called Mallinatha and told him that his education was complete and asked him to leave. Upon questioned by Mallinatha, master said these many years you were served neem oil instead of ghee but you did not realize. But today you could taste the food implies your concentration has come to an end as you have absorbed all the knowledge that I have.

Prostrating to the master, Mallinatha directly came to his father-in-law’s house and defeated all his brother-in-law’s in debate and he returned home.

His wife was satisfied looking at him and his father had a peaceful death.

His vow was this: I will not exclude anything which Kalidasa said and will not use even a single useless letter while writing commentaries on Kalidasa’s works.

In this way, to become proficient, concentration is very important. Mallinatha could not recognise the taste of neem for several years; with such a concentration, how couldn’t he become a scholar?!

Bhaagavata’s 3rd verse of the first chapter of the first canto voices the same opinion: “If I should be pleased on you, then you should dissolve in me, merge in me”.
Bhaagavatha begins only after this.
It wouldn’t be irrelevant if the same lesson is taught for the whole of Chaturmasya, or for the whole of life too.

Meditation means to stop the mind at one point. This is the way for the achievement, this is penance.

त्वदीयं वस्तु गोविन्द, तुभ्यमेव समर्पये…
The material is yours, oh Govinda! I offer it to you itself.

TattvaBhaagavatam a special discourse by Sri Sri RaghaveshwaraBharathi Mahaswamiji: full Video :

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