#Tattva_Bhagavatam, a special discourse based on the principles of Bhagavatam: 

Salutations to Raama~Krishna, Valmiki~Shuka, Bhaagavatha~Raamayana.

It is not easy to sit now and talk about old times. It is impossible to directly know the thoughts and behaviour of those times. We can just guess based on the available clues and documents. As technology has evolved, it may slightly help in this direction. But it is difficult to say about the ideologies, mindset of people of those days.

Sri Sri…

But our ancestors have described today’s scenario thousands of years ago. Most of them have become true now. An example for how accurately they have told is about hotels. It is special to guess how the rice shall be sold in future.
Scriptures say “सम्प्रीति भोज्यानि अन्नानि” – food should be taken only if it is offered with love. Only in case of emergency, when one can’t survive without food, food without love can be consumed. Sri Krishna gave the same reason and didn’t have food in Duryodhana’s house.

People who don’t belong to BhaarataVarsha (ancient Bhaarata) are called Mlechhas. They are called Taamravadanas (the ones with copper coloured faces). Copper is also called mlechhavarna (colour of mlechhas). Britishers’ complexion is straight as that described for mlechhas. They are referred to as uncultured ones. They didn’t even know how to bake and eat. Similarly, there are Kiraatas or Turushkas described. They are weapon business holders. Mlechha also has the meaning of beef consumer. They have no good practices and they talk a lot, it is said. Bhaagavata recommends not to speak their language; because we may get influenced by their culture along with the language. It is said that these people will rule in Kaliyuga. If we turn back and see, we find it true. For 1000 years they ruled us. Speaking of their governance, it is said that they would trouble the citizens and steal. They are also involved in killing, exploiting and doing deeds which are against our heritage.

Those without culture, those who do not perform prescribed daily chores and those who are filled with Raja and Tama qualities become rulers. They trouble women, children, cows and brahmanas. What happens if the rulers themselves trouble women; they will want others’ properties; wives and they will loot us. All these have happened in our history. Now, they have gone and our own people have come to power; but they are behaving like the mlechhas and giving all the above-mentioned troubles. Mainly troubling the brahmanas: though they are minorities, they are the target.

These politicians have short ruling period and small mind; they have the mindset of “steal, until you are in power”. Their capacities and span, both are less. The people below them too follow them in thoughts, deeds and talks; they trouble each other. A group will be created around the powerful class. They will be the God for that group. They start living like the ruler. So, who rules us is very important. We will have influence upon us from those who rule us.

Kaliyuga means high diminishing rate. Truth, compassion, tranquility, forgiveness- all will diminish. Lifespan too reduces- it is said that the human’s lifespan would reduce to 16 years. Lastly memory loss: before scripts came, knowledge flowed through memory itself. Then due to the decrease in memory capacity, this situation has aroused. Even the body too; if not used properly, then it deteriorates. Raamayana too flowed through mouth; Lava and Kusha heard it from Valmiki’s mouth and spread it by their mouth. Is it possible? Yes, it is. The more equipment you use, the more weaker your inner strength becomes. If what should happen in 20 years finish in 5 years, everything happens fast and so does death too.

Money becomes important in Kaliyuga. There is no value for clan, good practices and qualities. Long ago, when people like Vyaasa, Vasistha would enter a gathering, the whole crowd would give a standing ovation. What such power did they have? They were of such matured knowledged. But now it is money that dominates.

Similarly, in Kaliyuga, it is sufficient if one has power to decide between Dharma-Adharma and justice- injustice. Marriages seek only the liking; but truly both the clans, body conditions, families should be seen and then decided.
Today Maaya (illusion) itself is business- it has blindfolded the eyes.
If a person wears the Janivaara (sacred thread), he is called a brahmana. The ashramas are restricted only to symbols; no actions performed. Scholars are identified by their ability to talk whatever they want to. If a person is poor, he is labelled as bad. You are saint only if you play acts. Marriages have been diluted to the meaning of just taking away a girl. The concept of living together relation has been developed like this. Bath has become just the application of perfumes. In reality, we lose something in bath; but here we are adding. Capability is reached to a level that, it is enough if one takes care of his family. Deeds of Dharma are performed only as show offs. In this way, if kings are spoilt and so the citizens, then it is Kali.

The powerful one is the ruler; he is ruler only by name, his character is like that of thief. Without compassion, they will be scavenging for others’ money. They loot their own citizens. They snatch away the money and wives from citizens and send them out; they make them to eat only which they get. People suffer due to diseases. Even tension increases and just for the sake they live.

Low class life which is separated from Vedas, thieves become kings and robbery, violence increase in people. Varnashrama Dharma (rules of Varna system) are lost, the cow will get the goat’s price. Relatives will be void of feelings. Grains would grow in small size. Thorny bushes grow more. Clouds will be filled with lighting; but no rain at all.
Huge houses but less people, houses devoid of members, decreased conversations. In Kritayuga, people had life up to ‘asti’ (skeleton), in Tretayuga up to ‘maamsa’ (muscle), in Dwaaparayuga up to ‘rakta’ (blood) and in Kaliyuga up to ‘anna’ (food) i.e., if food is unavailable, then people will die.

Agnihotra vanishes, worships too. Children start carrying, this is true with every bit; due to the quality of food being consumed, girls mature at an early age itself and carry too.

How to not fall prey to Kali? We should not get into the clutches of Kali, we should not give heed to evil. Do the sankirtana of the mantra mentioned below. Calling back the previous yugas.

Hare Raama Hare Raama Raama Raama Hare Hare |
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare |

At the beginning of Kaliyuga, Naarada pleads Brahma and asks what saves people from Kali’s attack. Brahma then taught this mantra to Naarada. It shields us from the radiation of Kali. Observe this mantra. It is only addressing; no verb is used. You can’t find such a sentence anywhere in literature. Only “calling him” is here. What is the secret behind this? It is sufficient if ‘He’ listens our call and turns towards us once. Kaliyuga will be transformed into Kritayuga if His sight falls on us. To make Him look at us somehow, we call Him.

Until now, we looked at Kali’s evilness. Now let us see about his goodness. Kritayuga prescribes meditation, Tretayuga prescribes sacrifices, Dwaaparayuga prescribes worship, Kaliyuga prescribes sankirtana of His name. It is sufficient to please Him. Here a small effort has a greater reward. There is a faith that if you worship God for even short duration with utmost concentration, you will become God. But Kali doesn’t facilitate it, that itself is the difficulty.

Kali is a heap of sins, but there is one quality- one can attain liberation by Krishna sankirtana. Mahabharata’s Vana Parva has Nalacharitra (story of Nala). It is said that by listening to his story, defects of Kali will vanish. So, let us see his story tomorrow. It is useless if just the problems are listed, there should be solutions too. Nalacharitra is a solution.

Today is Kalki Jayanti; it is Vishnu’s final incarnation among Dashaavataaras where he takes control of Kali. A special day has come in His remembrance, by coincidence. Let us remember Him and go far away from Kali.

TattvaBhaagavatam a special discourse by Sri Sri RaghaveshwaraBharathi Mahaswamiji: full Video :

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